Caseco Braided Micro USB Cable - 2 Meter - Rose Gold

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Premium charging and syncing cable, micro USB to USB. 2 meters (about 6 feet). Available in latest colors to match your device.

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Charge and sync your Android and Samsung devices with Caseco’s 2 m USB Micro USB Cable. Our 2-meter premium micro usb charge cables have been completely rethought—from the materials to the connectors. Now made with the highest quality components for a higher conductivity, longer life, and superior signal transfer. Both ends of this certified micro USB cable are encased in aluminum; longer life aluminum connectors are made from aircraft-grade materials to proctect your cable under stress and wear. This minimizes electromagnetic interference and ensures durability. This will allow you to keep your Android devices charged with a better and stronger cable. Keep your gadgets connected by using the cable with Caseco’s Pulse wall charger for an even faster charge. A handy hassle-free strap cable organizer is also included to keep your cable neat, tidy and untangled, perfect for traveling or even putting it in your purse. Micro USB Cable is color coordinated with Apple Pantone colors to add style to your device. Caseco Braided Lightning Cable - 2 Meter


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    Caseco Braided Micro USB Cable - 2 Meter - Rose Gold
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