Mountie - World's Smallest Magnetic Universal Car Air Vent Phone Holder

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360 Universal cell phone holder that clips onto the air vent in your car. Compatible with almost all smartphones. This magnetic vent mount has made mounting easier than ever before. This magnetic dock will grip your device with super strength. It will give users a new mounting option (instead of the CD slot or windshield). Clip, cradle, and go!

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Compatible: iPhone 7 7 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus 6S 5S 5C, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus S6 S5 S4, Note 7 5, Google Nexus 5 4, LG G4

World’s Smallest Vent Car Mount!

Simply the most convenient and smart way to mount your phone and keep it in sight while driving! Small enough to slip in your pocket while still mounted on your phone, but extra strong to protect your smartphone from any road vibrations or impacts, this car air vent mount will become your #1 necessity for all car trips!

Best Travel Companion

Designed with travel in mind, our Mountie can be installed in seconds! An ultra-small clip quickly attaches, as well as detaches, from any car air vent! Adding practically zero volume to your phone, the Mountie fits on the back of virtually every smartphone, including iPhone, Samsung and even iPads with incomparable ease!

Strongest Magnetic Holder On The Market

So thin, it’s almost invisible, but so strong, it’s practically invincible from even the most abrupt movement shifts on the go! The Mountie accommodates any phone, be it encased or not, providing the strongest magnetic hold a commercial cell phone holder could ever provide, without damaging your phone’s internal hardware and electronic functions!

Full Freedom, 360° Rotation

Take full advantage of your phone’s GPS, Camera and Video Recording features! The Mountie car vent mount allows for 360° Rotation, affording both Vertical and Horizontal views! Holding your phone steady throughout use, you can rest assured you won’t lose focus or waste precious times adjusting your phone, concentrating instead on what you ought to do best – drive!

Vast Compatibility, Complementary Design

Mountie’s flawlessly smooth surface is expertly designed to dock and hold any smartphone, firmly in place! Holds the most popular phone models, such as the iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S7, and every other model up to a whopping 1.3 lbs! Purchase the smallest & most reliable magnetic car air vent cradle today!

We Know What You Need

We compiled thorough data on user car vent holster demands, and combined them with our expertise, to provide the best car air vent mount you could ever have.

Sturdy Base, Firm Clip, Powerful Magnetic Ring

Built from the highest quality, heavy duty, anodized aluminum alloy and featuring a metal ring that adheres with industrial strength adhesive by 3M, either to the back of your phone or its case, the Mountie vent mount is made to last and protect your phone from external road forces, shock movements an arbitrary swivels.

Lightweight & Portable

Simply detach it and use it in any of your family’s cars and fear not should you be in the process of buying a new car model. As it perfectly mounts on ANY vertical or horizontal vents, the Mountie is a wise, long-term investment for long-term, in-car phone mounting and display accessory.

Clip, Mount & Go

All it takes is three simple motions to stay connected and navigate with ease. We can guarantee you no other vent car mount can beat the mountie’s lightness, stability and powerful hold.

Try it out for yourself today & safely display your phone on the go! What are you waiting for, then?



  • Compatibility

    All devices up to 1.3 lbs. Flat, hard surface recommended.
  • Dimensions

    2" x 1" x .75"
  • Materials

    Hard plastic with rubberized coating
    Neodymium magnet
    VHB adhesive by 3M™
  • Package Contents

    • 1 Mountie vent mount
    • 1 metal disc with adhesive
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  • Product Name
    Mountie - World's Smallest Magnetic Universal Car Air Vent Phone Holder
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