It’s no surprise teen girls love gadgets. A recent Australian study discovered that over 50 per cent of third and fourth year high school students weren’t getting enough sleep because of playing video games, listening to music on their iPod, watching TV, or chatting on their cell phones.
The trend has no sign of slowing down and below Caseco highlights three of the coolest gadgets we believe teen girls will loose sleep for.

Shutter-Bean Mobile Camera Controller

Shutter-Bean Mobile Camera Controller
Take real-time photography to new heights with this remote control Shutter-Bean for iOS and Android. With Shutter-Bean, solo and group selfies are effortless. Its bluetooth 3.0 functionality acts as a remote control for your smartphone cam, allowing you to snap photos from up to 10-metres away wirelessly. Ideal for both personal gatherings at home and solo treks abroad, the Shutter-Bean is a must-have accessory retailing for $19.99.

The Siren Ring

The Siren Ring
The Siren Ring is an elegant piece of jewelry that also acts as a personal safety device. With one twist of the gemstone, this ring emits an extremely loud and startling alarm. The Siren Ring features a 110-decibel alarm designed to frighten your attacker and can be heard from 50 feet away, offering you a quick chance to escape and alert others. The Siren Ring is available in both gold and silver, with three different gorgeous gemstone choices: aventurine, carnelian, and labradorite. The Siren Ring retails for $249.00 on the official Siren Ring website.

LG Pocket Photo Printer

LG PD233 Pocket Photo Printer
Meet your smartphone’s new BFF, the LG Pocket Photo Printer. Here you can edit photos using fun frames and filters with the Pocket Photo App. All you have to do is send the Pocket Photo Printer via bluetooth and voila — your favourite pictures are printed and are ready to go. No ink cartridges are required as the Pocket Photo Printer uses Zink photo paper 2.0 to print out high-quality images. The LG PD233 Pocket Photo Printer retails for $159.99 and is available on the official Frys website.

From selfie kits to siren rings to new pocket photo-printing smartphone BFFs, Caseco highlights our favourite gadgets we believe every teen girl should own. If you feel we missed out on your favourite teen gadget, leave a comment below or on Caseco Facebook page.