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Please by all means! Thank Caseco for this ridiculously-wicked post and forget science – the stronghold for all things innovative — for one brief moment because today! Today ladies and gentlemen we feature 5 ridiculously-offbeat iPhone cases.

The White Breast iPhone Case

Meet Breastie. Breastie is anone-breasted-silhouette smartphone case for iPhone made to help support breast cancer research. Its goal: to help the Saving Breasts website reach over $100, 000 in sales; funding the fight against breast cancer. TheBreastie iPhone case is available in pink, black, and white and currently retails for $14 at Saving Breasts.

The Ear iPhone Case

Based out of the United Kingdom (UK), this hilariously-modeled ear case for iPhone helps locals habitually poke fun at Prince Charles, or you-know-who. Yes, its main functionality is to act as a smartphone holder; however, its rubber silicon body also acts as a ridiculously-offbeat iPhone case; protecting your beloved iPhone from unwanted bumps and scratches. Find more information at
Thumbs Up World.

Monster Fur iPhone Case

Featuring the Monster Fur Cover for iPhone, a snap-on hardcover case decked out with fuzz fur. Clearly, its face flaunts hard-to-miss novelty fur; taking winter protection to a whole other level. For more information visit

Gun Grip iPhone Case

Japan Trend Shop features the Gun Grip iPhone Case. This fully-charged iPhone case features a free digital Russian rouletteapp for iPhone; letting you play anytime, anywhere – perfect for parties or poker gatherings. The Gun Grip iPhone Case is available at
the official Japan Trends Shop website .

Flip Flop iPhone Case

Incredible Things features the-ever-so-quirky Flip Flop case for iPhone, a whimsical iPhone case sure to bring you and your friends an easy smile while on vacation. It’s currently available in blue, yellow, pink, green, red, grey, and black and retails for $10. For more information,
visit the official Incredible Things website.


Impressive and ridiculously quirky, these five smartphone cases for iPhone definitely go above and beyond the norm. If you happen to stroll along the off-beat path and know more ridiculously offbeat iPhone cases, leave a comment and link below, we’d love to see more! Until next post!

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