5 Useful Smartphone Apps You’re Probably Not Using But Should

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Did you know? smartphone users spend an average 86% of their smartphone usage operating mobile apps. And out of the average 86%, the majority of user time spent was on connecting to applications like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You know, the usual suspects… And beyond your popular go-to applications (believe it or not), lay other possibilities: Caseco highlights our favourite five.

Ready? Let’s go…

CamDictionary On iTunes and Google Play

Never find yourself lost in translation with CamDictionary, a translating app that helps you translate foreign text with your mobile camera.

Its easy-to-use functionality allows you to hover your camera over any text for translation of up to 37 different languages. For those who love to type, simply type in any compatible text to receive instant translation as well.

CamDictionary features English; Chinese; French; German; Japanese; Korean to just to name a few languages and retails for $4.99 on iTunes.

Evernote Food

If you’re a foodie, you’re going to love this food app. Evernote Food is a dynamic journal-style application that allows you to explore and save new recipes, discover new restaurants, and log favourite dining experiences. Better yet, Evernote Food intuitively suggests what you can eat and how much for health-conscious individuals. The Evernote Food app is free and available on iTunes

ANA Takeoff Mode

If you’re one of the 72% of U.S airline passengers who experience anxiety when flying, download the ANA Takeoff Mode app. Why? ANA Takeoff Mode helps you shift your attention away from flying; making your flying experience that much more tolerable. The simple yet attention-absorbing game also features soothing music to ease your nerves. The ANA Takeoff Mode app is available on iTunes.

Download on iTunes

Fleksy Keyboard

Improve your typing speed with Fleksy, the ‘world’s fastest keyboard.’ The Fleksy Keyboard makes typing a breeze, featuring a must-experience auto correct and speedy swiping gesture functionality; helping you correct, delete, and find the right words.

Fleksy also allows you to customize the keyboard according to your fingers and comfort. The app also offers tons of colourful themes, GIFS, and emojis. The Fleksy Keyboard app is available for $0.99 at iTunes and Google Play.

Download on iTunes
Download on Google Play

Horizon Camera

No longer will vertical videos be a pain in the neck to watch. The Horizon Camera app allows you to shoot landscape-style videos regardless of angle filmed. It works in conjunction with your device’s gyroscope to auto-level videos; keeping a horizontal focus while filming and watching.

The Horizon app is available for $2.29 on iTunes and Google Play.



And there you have it folks: five useful smartphone apps that you’re probably not using but should. If you think you can beat our top five, send us a message below, we’re always looking for new and cool prospects.

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