Ever wonder why most people are now getting sleeping problems? Many are sleeping much less than what the body requires to maintain optimal health.

The truth is:

Our mobile phones are likely the culprit.

The more we use our phones before we sleep, the harder it gets to sleep. 

How the Blue Light Affects Your Health

The blue light from the smartphone screens can disturb our internal clock or circadian rhythm. Our circadian rhythm needs signals from the external environment to get regulated. Needless to say, daylight and darkness affect our biological clock.

But what if you need to use your smartphone right before you sleep. Most businessmen check their emails before hitting the sack. If you live away from your loved ones, you would want to call them before sleeping unless you fall asleep during the conversion.

How will you prevent blue light from messing with your sleep?

Get a blue light screen protector!

Best Screen Protector Against Blue Light

Caseco’s blue light screen protector for iPhone and iPad does not only filters out the blue light from your screen. It also ensures that your screen won’t get scratched and you maintain your original touch experience. Its oil repellant surface keeps your fingerprints off your screen. 

Each anti blue light screen protector comes with a microfibre cloth, anti-static cleaning wipe and dust remover stickers. These will help you put on the glass protector easily without worries in creating some bubbles. If you are not confident with your glass installation skills, you can read the instructions at the back of your box.

How to Install

Step 1: Clean your smartphone’s screen with the included wipes. Dust particles create bubbles on the screen. 

Step 2: Peel the protective layer of the anti-blue light tempered glass screen protector.

Step 3: Carefully align the cutouts on the areas on the phone screen.

Step 4: Smooth out any air bubbles by running your fingers towards the edges.

Even with this tempered glass, you can smoothly use your phone’s home button and screen gestures.

Say goodbye to long sleepless nights. Let Caseco’s anti-blue light tempered glass protects your iPhones and iPads without sacrificing your screen’s touch sensibility.

Why Choose Us

When you buy a screen protector from Caseco, it comes in an eco-friendly packaging. We ensure that our products are child-labour-free and our packaging inks are only plant-based. And 2% of your every purchase goes to "Save The Children Foundation."