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The Best Christmas Gifts for 2020

December 03, 2020 3 min read

It’s Christmas time yet again. And even with the challenges that 2020 stacked up it’s still the time for giving. So why not give the best to your loved ones. 

Here are the best Christmas gifts for 2020:

Best Christmas Gift For Your Dad

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He just got a brand new iPhone 12 and he thinks it’s too fragile for him to use. So we think it’s a good idea to have that holiday gift bundle for a total iPhone accessory experience. The Sunset Accessory Bundle for iPhone 12 is an all-in-one package with all the accessories you need for the iPhone 12 and your dad will totally enjoy it. 

Best Christmas Gifts For Your Mom

sunset blvd phone case

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Nothing but the best of course for your mom. You want to let her know you love her so much. How about giving her the Sunset Blvd Magnetic Wallet Folio for iPhone12, it comes in beautiful colors that will definitely suit her taste.


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And you know how much of a germophoebe she is, so the UV Sanitizer & Charger will definitely come in handy. 

Best Christmas Gifts For Your Sister

ring light

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Being a successful vlogger is what your sister aims to be. She’s been working on her character and her presentation. All she needs now is that special Ring Light Stand to help her with her videos. 

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The Crossbody Clutch iPhone Cases for Women will also be a great accessory for when she does those vlogs outside the house. 

Best Christmas Gifts For Your Brother

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Your brother’s training hard for that decathlon he’s entering next year. What better gift to give than an amazing Blu Toque Bluetooth Beanie For Running that he can wear without having to bring separate headphones in this cold weather.

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And when he comes home, he’ll definitely appreciate the 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad where he can just plop his iPhone and Apple watch after a training session. 

Best Christmas Gifts For Your Aunt

phone case

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Your aunt is a very stylish career woman and she loves to show posh brand items like Louies and Versaces. Well, for her new iPhone 12 mini, the Park Ave Magnetic Wallet Folio would look great with that new Vuitton bag she just got. 

Best Christmas Gifts For Your Uncle

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After deciding that sales wasn’t his thing, your uncle came to the conclusion that being an Uber driver was what he wanted.  To help him kick start his decision,the Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount will help him keep his navigation smartphone always juiced up. A Road Warrior Car Phone Charger will also be a good idea to have on board as he can offer free charging service to his clients. 

Best Christmas Gift For Your Nana

bluetooth beanies

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Your Nana has always been the warm blanket in the family. She’s the one you run to when you’re lonely or sad and you want to return the favor. In the coldest of times the Green Faux Fur Pom Pom in Olive Green will definitely keep her warm and she’ll always remember you when she wears it. 

Best Christmas Gift For Your Gramps

wireless charging pad

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Gramps isn’t the best when it comes to charging his smartphone. He can barely see the tiny charging port and he has to ask help from someone to actually attach the cable to it. This year, he won’t have to bother plugging that cable onto his smartphone. The Nitro II Wireless Charging Pad & Power Bank is as simple as placing it onto the pad and it’s done. No more struggling, no more asking for help.