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Caseco's New Charity Partner: H2o 4 ALL

August 03, 2020 2 min read

Caseco is pleased to announce that we have a brand-new charity partner – H2o 4 ALL.

We love this charities ethos, because it so closely matched with ours and what we believe is right for the world. We can’t wait to tell you all about the amazing work that this team does and keep you up to date on all of its exciting projects. 

What H2o 4 ALL Does

H2o 4 ALL is committed to bringing safe water to people all over the world.

H2O 4 ALL was founded in 2008 by Timothy Muttoo and Odile Bartlett.

They focus on our global community, and the importance of bringing good sanitation and clean drinking water to those in developing countries. They also go out into the community, and don’t just leave an area once a project is complete.

By connecting with the local people, they can then provide education about hygiene and sanitation, giving the people knowledge that they themselves can then pass on to the generations following them.

“Without safe and accessible water, people are subject to water-borne illnesses, poverty, and are often unable to receive an education. Every donation helps people in developing countries gain access to clean water, sanitation, health, safety, and the opportunity for a better future.

The work we do in developing countries makes a real difference in lives and communities, giving them a chance to not only survive, but THRIVE.”


More than just this, H2o 4 ALL has a large innovation department. This is something that we at Caseco love to see, because we want to bring the best new innovations to our customers, and believe that with the right thinking, anything is possible.

In H2o 4 ALL’s case, this includes introducing clay pots to the Dominican Republic in order to aid better water filtration and prevent the spread of water borne disease.

As well as this, they have also helped to engineer a brand-new water filtration system in Uganda that is self-powered and self-contained – perfect for areas with limited clean water and limited energy.

Photo by mrjn Photography on Unsplash

Recent Work

Due to the recent Covid 19 pandemic, having clean water and knowing good hygiene has become more important than ever.

That’s why H2o 4 ALL began an incredible outreach programme across developing countries – the Clean Hands Initiative.

This is focused on teaching people how to wash their hand properly with soap and water, good social distancing measures, and general hygiene.

They also what to bring sanitation stations to as many areas as they can in order to keep the people of these counties as safe as possible during this time.


Caseco and H2o 4 ALL

By partnering with H2o 4 ALL Caseco is doing its bit to fund these exciting projects. We believe that, as a company who cares about the environment and the people that live in our world, it is important for us to give back in any way that we can. By finding charities that align with our vision, we can do our small bit to make the world a better place to live in.