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Crossbody iPhone Clutch Cases

November 16, 2020 3 min read

Did you ever notice that nowadays bags are getting smaller and smaller? I remember back in grade school, you had to bring a big ‘ol stroller bag that looked like a box just to fit in everything you needed for school. But now, everything you need is inside a tiny crossbody iPhone case.

The point of all this nostalgia boils down to how from late 1990s to thirty years down the line so much has changed. Now, people barely have anything to carry! And now, with modern technology taking over “old school” education, you’ve got e-books instead of those big clunky ones. 

Casing It In Style

Even with the latest iPhone there’s still this sense of wanting to have a bag to carry that all-in-one gadget. You know, something light weight, cute and stylish, and most of all functional. A Crossbody case is sort of like a phone case but with the strap to make it easy to bring around.

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Unlike many cases, Caseco designed its crossbody iPhone case to replace your carry-all bag. You’re not just bringing your phone, you’re bringing your identity with your crossbody case.

Transformations Galore

You know you’ve got a great product if you can use it in different ways. A function for a different use or for the crossbody case, a transformation to suit every occasion makes it a great deal in one. The Caseco Crossbody iPhone case can rock four amazing transformations. Let’s check ‘em out.

Wear Your Crossbody Case And Leave Nothing Behind 

You can wear your crossbody case like a tiny bag with your phone and essentials if you want to be minimalistic. It’s fun and it’s stylish to boot. But that’s not why it’s such a great case.  It’ll hold your phone, cash and bills via the 2 compartments provided. If you have 10 credit cards (seriously?) then Caseco’s perfect for you. We’ve even slipped in a zippered coin pocket for coin lovers.

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For Formality's Sake

If you’ve got a dinner party and the crossbody case is a bit too informal, you can switch it down and use the iPhone clutch case form. It still holds your phone and your essentials at a more sophisticated look. You can even compliment your dress with an amazing accessory.

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Beachin’ Out

If you’re planning to go to the beach and you really have to bring a bigger bag anyway then the iPhone crossbody wallet case is convenient enough to put into a larger tote bag. It’ll still hold all your essentials and you won’t feel like you’re missing something. Plus, you’ll probably get a lot of attention when they see the cute color your iPhone wallet case is in.

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The Simple Bare Necessities

With the fourth transformation you can go with the bare minimum. Your Caseco crossbody iPhone case can be a standalone case that has a provisionary pocket at the back for that one card you really need. Or you can opt to put your emergency stash there if you want to. 

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But wait, there’s more!

It’s Wireless and A Toughie

In Caseco, we’ve designed everything with careful consideration. We want products that work and work well for our patrons. The crossbody iPhone case is truly fashionable and functional but it’s also a toughie. You’ve got a 10-ft drop protection guarantee and get this, wireless charging compatibility. What more can you ever want for? 

Packaging Made Better

You’ll be happy to know that Caseco involves all its clients with its ecological drive and humanitarian actions. Every purchase of any Caseco product donates a percentage to charities and environmental organizations that we support. We also actively promote sustainable and responsible packaging by making everything recyclable and NOT single use. 

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You pay it forward with each product you patronize from Caseco. A great product with great purpose and you’ll be part of an amazing community. So join in and get that awesome deal and have fun.