Does iPhone 13 Need A Case?

Smartphones like iPhone 13 are not cheap, after all. So, it's understandable that you want to protect your investment in the best way possible without burning away your money.

This is why we have decided to write this article to help you determine whether it's really worth the expense – or if you would be better off keeping your money in your wallet.

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iPhone 13 Cases

If your device is prone to get dropped or you work around dust, dirt, and grime that might scratch the surface of your screen (the glass over the top of your display), then an extra layer of protection just isn't going to help. The thing with screen protectors is they're thin.

A good iPhone 13 case will be much thicker and offer more protection overall than an extra layer between you and the glass on your phone.

iPhone 13 Case - Consider Your Lifestyle

Think about how often you're going to be using your phone—and what kind of activities you normally do with it.

If you've got butterfingers and you drop your phone regularly, it's a good idea to invest in a durable, shock-absorbent phone case like our iPhone 13 camo case to keep it safe even from low heights.

Of course, several factors will come into play when deciding if you need a screen protector. First, if you're an outdoorsy person, who spends time in the elements, it's important to consider the amount of dust or sand that could get into your phone if you drop it.

All those little particles can really cause damage over time by scratching up your screen. So, if you're in a lot of sandy or dusty conditions, go ahead and invest in both an iPhone case and a screen protector.

However, if you don't spend much time around large amounts of dust or sand, then you can just get away with a phone case. Why? Most phones need very little protection.

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iPhone 13 Is Strong

When you think about it, smartphones are pretty impressive pieces of technology. Phones these days can be bigger than 7 inches diagonally, and they fit in your pocket.

Of course, they're a little over a tenth of an inch thick, but somehow they're also sturdy enough to survive in your bag or briefcase with all your other stuff.

Modern smartphones are much more durable than their predecessors. When deciding whether or not you need a screen protector for your phone, consider how much protection it already has before adding anything else.

Most phones have been developed with scratch-resistant glass, so the bigger risk of damage is from drops rather than scratches.

Phone screens nowadays are designed to be durable - they need to be so you can use them every day without worrying about breaking them.

Smartphone screens are made out of Gorilla glass which is stronger than typical window glass and very difficult to break.

They even undergo rigorous drop testing during manufacturing to ensure that they're actually built to withstand the impact of most falls in real life. Pair it with an iPhone 13 MagSafe case like the tie dye iPhone 13 case and you can make it more resistant to accidental drops.

iPhone 13 - Waterproofing

You should also consider if you want to waterproof your phone. If you're a swimmer or otherwise spend a lot of time in the water, waterproofing is probably important to you. But it's often an easy feature to overlook for those who aren't.

Waterproof cases obviously protect against being submerged in water and are great if you do go swimming with your phone, but they also offer extra protection when it comes to other liquids.

Spills and sweat can easily ruin your phone if they're not contained by a waterproof case.

That being said, many cases are marketed as "water-resistant," which is less effective than waterproofing and doesn't stand up well against moisture over long periods.

Therefore, it's also important to make sure that any case that is advertised as waterproof has a screen protector that offers similar protection.

Otherwise, you'll be back at square one when it comes to protecting your screen from scratches or shattering on impact.

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iPhone 13 - Insurance

While an iPhone 13 case and an iPhone 13 screen protector can help a bit in some of the situations above, they can sometimes be more trouble than they're worth.

Ultimately, if you are already prone to damaging your phone, it may be time for you to look at setting up an insurance plan for your device. This will save you from having to pay expensive repair costs out of pocket.

Insurance is also a good option if you regularly travel in areas where work is being done or if there are other hazards that could lead to damage (e.g., construction sites).

Insurance doesn't prevent accidents, but it provides peace of mind knowing that the cost won't fall on you directly when damage occurs.

iPhone 13 Cases - The Verdict

Truth is, not everyone needs a screen protector – it's mostly a matter of preference. Some smartphone cases also cover your display with a built-in screen protector anyway.

On the contrary, you should consider it carefully and thoroughly if you know you are likely to damage your screen somehow.

The choice is ultimately up to you!

If we have convinced you that putting a new screen protector on your smartphone is not the clear-cut necessity that many people assume, shop for a phone case online to keep your investment safe and protected right away.

There's no shortage of phone case brands out there. In fact, we have a huge collection of smartphone cases that support cases beyond the Apple and Samsung lineups.

Some of our phone cases also have additional features, such as waterproof cases and dual-layer screen protection.

From top-rated phone cases and best-sellers to crowd favorites, you're sure to find one or two that fit your style and needs. Check them out here!