Flexible Car Mounts - Keeping Your Phone Accessible While You Drive

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Flexible Car Mounts

Car mounts are the easiest way to keep your cell phone accessible while you drive. Many times, people will look down at their phone for directions or reach for it to check a text while at a red light. Unfortunately, this has been shown to cause accidents and put people at risk.

Flexible Car Mounts

What we’ve done at Caseco is build a huge variety of affordable, high-quality, flexible mounts that are universally compatible with whatever device you’re using, and whatever car you’re driving. From our tiny Core 360 that will fit onto the dashboard of the smallest Smart Car, to our Simple Cradl long neck dash mount that will span the dash of the biggest pickup--we have the car mount for you.

Our car mounts let you choose how you want to attach them. Our Simpl Grip Dash & Windshield Mount uses a super-strong suction base that ensures your mount stays put through even the bumpiest rides. While our Simpl Touch Magnetic Dash Mount uses the insanely sturdy adhesive power of 3M to keep it secured to your dash. The Simpl Touch Magnetic Dash Mount also has six neodymium magnets to hold your phone securely. You’ll be shocked by the ease of getting into your car and mounting your phone in one fluid motion. Just like that, you’ll be ready to start driving and talking safely without worrying about your phone falling off.

Our cases are also made to be compatible with our car mounts, meaning that you will have no problem finding a sleek, stylish phone case that will also let you drive safely.

If you find that any of our products don’t meet your standards, we offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee so that you will be 100% satisfied.

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