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Must have iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases this Season

October 28, 2020 2 min read

Owning a sustainable, durable and eco-friendly accessories not only help you set your Style statement but will also contribute to a social cause. 

Let us show you what we have to offer to help you choose the best cases to protect your iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The Best Anti-Radiation and RFID Blocking Case

Data theft being a concern it is very important to update your accessory that provides the Data Protection in day-to-day scenario. PresentingBroadway Magnetic Wallet Folio, the best iPhone 12 ProMaxcase equipped with advanced technology.

At Caseco, we flaunt all our wallet folio cases with advances EMF radiation + RFID shielding that secures the data, keeps your credit card and other personal details safe from theft.

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How it works?

The Anti-Radiation feature helps block the ELF cell phone radiations from the front of the wallet folio case and allows the signals to pass in and out from the back of the case within a close range. This provides a shielding for the user and allows seamless transactions from the back of the case, even without the need to remove a card out of the slot.

The Best Vegan Leather Folio Wallet Case

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Bond II Vegan Leather Wallet Folio Cases are made of high quality vegan leather with beautiful stitching and outstanding design with a magnetic clasp to give the highest protection possible for the new iPhone 12 ProMax.

The wallet folio has  card slots with a compartment space for cash and necessary bills. It is convenient for a Fashion nova like yourself who wishes to replace a clutch or a wallet with a 2-in-1 multipurpose Leather wallet folio case. 

Not only is it compact and serves the purpose of a wallet but also provides protection from dust, scratches and drop accidents. If this is not convincing, how about the fact that it features a detachable case that lets you carry the phone alone with a single credit card or personal ID slot in the back.

The Best Minimalistic Magnetic Wallet Folio Design

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If you like to keep your accessories simple and black, we have just the right case for you.Bond I Magnetic Wallet Folio Cases are the most convenient cases in the market. 

We know how important it is for you to accessorize your iPhone 12 Pro Max with an adaptable and affordable case to match the trend. Be it indoor or outdoor, Caseco cases are always ready for challenge.

Presenting the water resistant material on the interiors of the case to ensure the phone and the case is well protected without soaking water into the material. Wiping the dust, dirt and stains off the wallet folio case to maintain the health and hygiene is made super quick and easy. 

It also features 3 card slots for easy access and a detachable magnetic phone case to provide you with an option of carrying the phone only. Order now to experience the new trendy cases 

first hand!

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