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The temperature tomorrow can be as low as -2 in New Jersey. All I can say is BRRRRRRRR! Thanks to the Caseco Classic Boutique Dual with Pom Layered Bluetooth Beanie, I’ll be staying warm AND be able to enjoy my favorite music on the go. The beanie is comfortable and warm and the built-in Bluetooth connected speakers work well.


The hat looks like any other beanie. It is made from synthetic wool and has a knit cable appearance familiar to anyone who has ever worn a wool sweater.

Warm, inner lining

Warm, inner lining

Inside there is a soft, warm-weather bright material. The pompom on the top is quite apparent. We’ll come back to that shortly. And the speakers and Bluetooth controls are largely hidden.

As Caseco explains:

You can’t go wrong with this classic Blu-toque in dark grey. Designed with a pom-pom, this cold weather essential also features a ribbed trim for a comfortable fit.
Bundle up with a Bluetooth Beanie: Get cozy this winter while staying connected! The Blu-Toque Beanie is the warmest, loudest Bluetooth headset you will find anywhere.
Carefree and Wire-free: Blu-Toque is universal—it works with any Bluetooth device.
Quality and Comfort: Knit from soft synthetic wool, Blu-Toque is lightweight, warm, and water resistant.


The Bluetooth module can be seen on the outside of the hat. There is a play/pause button, a volume up button, a volume down button, and a power button sitting on top of the others. The Caseco logo sits atop all of the controls. There is also a hidden microphone so you can take and make calls.


The Bluetooth speakers charge in two hours, can serve up music for six hours, and have a standby time of up to 60 hours. Oh, and it is removable so you can wash the hat when it gets dirty!

Backing the Bluetooth module is one of the two hidden speakers. The other sits in the opposite side of the hat. A hidden cable connects the two. Like the Bluetooth module, the second speaker and the cable can be removed when the hat needs to be washed.


Bluetooth Version: 3.0 + EDR
Frequency: 2.402–2.480 GHz
Transmission distance: 10m
Mic Range: ~1 m
Battery: Li-Ion 3.7 V / 120 mA
Charging Time: 2 hours
Running Time: up to 6 hours
Standby Time: up to 60 hours
Warranty: 1 year when purchased direct from Caseco
I didn’t love the huge pompom on the top of the review sample I was sent. Thankfully it was only attached by a single hidden stitch! A few snips of the scissors later and it was bye-bye pompom.


The hat is comfortable and warm. As a hat it is, in other words, exactly what you might need as the temperature continues to plummet. The speakers work well although they won’t win any audiophile awards. They are comfortable enough, although in order to get the sound running directly into your ears you will need to position each speaker directly over your ear. When you do you will certainly feel the presence of the speaker sitting there and, if you rest your ears on anything, you will definitely feel them. That isn’t an issue but is definitely worth noting.

In all, if you are in search of a beanie that will keep your head warm and let you enjoy your music or take calls this is an option worth exploring. You can learn more about the $49.99 beanie here!

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