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I got my Caseco Shock Express about 4 weeks back. I got it simply because I liked the color, as every other case in stores was black. Over the next couple weeks I was amazed at the abuse that the case took. I drop my phone very frequently, on pretty much every kind of surface – pavement, concrete, tiles, hardwood, etc. – and it survives undamaged every time. The back of the case is made of thick glossy plastic which is very sturdy but it does pick up scratches after a long period of use. I feel the price is reasonable too so I just get a new one whenever I think it’s too scratched and then I can change it up with a different colour. In the end, the protection this case gives far outweighs the negatives of the scratches. Caseco also seems to have resolved a few issues I noticed with the other Nexus 5 cases. On previous cases, the rubber around the screen would start to peel or flake after a few months but that hasn’t happened to my Caseco Nexus 5 case yet. So although it still gets scratches, I see improvements over other competing cases. Overall, this is an awesome case that provides excellent protection without as much bulk as other Nexus 5 cases.

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