Thinking about the environment is something that can make you just want to get back into bed for the day. But without recognition and acknowledgment of the issues that our world is facing, we’ll never be able to do anything to help. Here are the top five issues facing our environment today.

Knowledge is power, so be brave, read the bad stuff, and then we can work together towards a better world.

1. Biodiversity

You might not think about how important having good biodiversity is to the planet, but it is crucial to have a balanced ecosystem. Without flowers, there are no bees, without bees, nothing will be pollinated, and so the system quickly breaks down. No one wants any of our wonderful species to go extinct, so supporting these causes is important if we are to save our worlds precious wildlife. 

2. Waste

The amount of waste that we send to landfills every year is catastrophic. It fills up space, degrades slower, and when is does break down, releases harmful chemicals into the air. On average, we each create 4.3 pounds of waste each and every day. When this waste is plastic, the danger becomes even greater as it can’t break down, and ultimately much of it ends up in our oceans. By focusing on ways we can become zero waste, we can help to do our bit to prevent this.

3. Water

Water scarcity and pollution is a crisis that can’t be ignored. Not only are our oceans filling up with microplastics, but there simply isn’t enough clean drinking water for everyone in the world. Many farming industries use huge amounts of water because they are trying to create a viable agriculture business in areas that used to be rainforest or desert. 

4. Deforestation

Forests are being cut down at a more rapid rate every year, and it’s not just to provide us with wood. No, these great swaths of rainforest are being destroyed to turn the land into areas for cattle ranches and palm oil plantations. This destruction of habitat is a leading reason why many animals are on the danger list, as their homes are being destroyed. Forests are needed as they are massive carbon sinks and release life-giving oxygen into the air. When they are destroyed, they release carbon back into the atmosphere. All that we can do now is protect what forests we have left and try to eventually get them back to what they once were.

5. Climate

Climate change is very real, and unless action is taken, the effects are only going to get worse. We’ll lose more species, there’ll be an increase in forest fires, and the polar ice caps will only melt faster and faster. This is mostly due to the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, and in turn, to our over-reliance on the earth’s natural resources for industry and transportation. By encouraging big companies and governments to seek out eco-friendly alternatives, we can lower these emissions and help protect our planet.

We all need to do our bit to prevent these crises from getting any worse, and at Caseco, we want to lead the way. We only use recycled plastic, zero-waste packaging, and vegan leather because we want to help our environment, not cause it harm. Our 3 in 1 wireless charging pad, iPhone 13 pro max case, wireless car charger mount all are made from nature friendly materials.