The Galaxy S21 Plus isn’t just an S21 on steroids. In fact, it has a lot more than going for it. It’s cheaper than the flagship Ultra while being almost the same size. And for $200 more over the regular S21, you get an all glass body for that “premium feel” and a bigger and brighter display. But the real reason you should consider this over the vanilla version is the guarantee of better battery life.
If you’ve got your eyes set on Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, then you better make room for it in your pocket or purse. That’s where the appeal of a leather folio wallet case comes in. You’ll only need one fashionable and practical accessory to store your smartphone, cash and credit cards. Plus, it protects your new thousand dollar investment from drops and scratches. Here, we’ve rounded up the best Galaxy S21 Plus wallet cases for 2022. Let’s discover these wallet cases:

Bond I Magnetic Wallet Case
If you’re serious about decluttering and want a slim wallet case that you can actually bring along anywhere, then we’ve got you covered. The Bond I Samsung S21 Plus wallet phone case is one of the thinnest wallet cases in the market wrapped in an elegant and sturdy vegan leather design. It’s the perfect companion for your S21 Plus whether at the office or a formal dinner.
The detachable phone case is drop tested. It’s held in the wallet via magnets so you can use it on any magnetic phone mount. It’s also wireless charger compatible. The wallet has 3 credit card slots and features anti RFID and EMF blocking technology to protect your card’s data. It’s also water resistant so cleaning it is made simple and easy. This wallet does double duty to keep your valuables safe.
This wallet case is designed for those who have fully embraced a digital lifestyle as it doesn’t have a pocket for cash. You can find other ways of bringing cash around but since you really are serious about making your life more simple, you’ve probably gone fully digital already. The Bond I is a simple and elegant solution to carry and protect your large flagship device.
Bond II Vegan Wallet Case
This next case takes a more traditional wallet design with some great upgrades. It still provides data protection technology in a vegan leather case. It’s the practical 2-in-1 wallet case you can take anywhere as a pair or solo and still have your basic essentials in tow. It’s designed with practicality and convenience in mind.
Instead of magnets, the detachable phone case is secured to the wallet cover via a flap. This phone case takes a different approach to securing your Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus to the wallet folio than the other cases here. You get 2 credit card slots on the wallet phone case but the detachable case also has a card slot at the back for your most important ID or card. It also retains wireless charging compatibility and you can use the wallet as a stand to watch your favorite show.
The Bond II Samsung S21 Plus phone card holder is for those who can’t or don’t want to go cashless just yet. You get a practical multipurpose accessory with space for your cards and a pocket cash and also protects your data. It’s the versatile solution for taking your essentials with you and protecting your S21 Plus.

Sunset Blvd Magnetic Wallet Case
Lastly, we have the Sunset Blvd Samsung S21 Plus vegan leather phone case. It’s a great wallet replacement with 6 credit card slots and a cash pocket that’s available in vibrant pastel colors as well. Take all your essentials with you in style and pair it up with matching color accessories.
The detachable magnetic phone case returns here so it’s easier to put your S21 Plus onto or take it off the wallet cover. As always, it provides a double layer of data protection and water resistance on the leather wallet while the phone case gets rated drop protection and wireless charging compatibility.
If you’re not ready to make any compromises on what you can and can’t bring in your wallet folio, then this is the right accessory for you. By design, the extra storage capacity means you’ll have to bear with a slightly thicker case, but that also means you have enough space for all your essentials. This is simply the best Galaxy S21 wallet case you can get right now.

How To Pick The Right One?
The prospect of having everything you need in one stylishly practical accessory makes the Galaxy S21 Plus wallet cases here worth considering. They’re made with high quality and eco-friendly materials in a slim profile that can store all your essentials. Choosing the right one all boils down to how many credit cards and ID do you really need to bring along. We may have different needs, but here at Caseco, we have the right Galaxy S21 Plus wallet case for your new smartphone.
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