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The iPhone 12 Max is Almost Here And it’s the BIGGEST Thing to Happen in Years

September 14, 2020 7 min read

Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max is almost here, and it’s the single biggest iPhone they’ve ever released.

More than that, the new iPhone 12 Pro Max is packed with some pretty revolutionary features and exciting new upgrade—making it so much more than just another annual release.

From its stunning new industrial-inspired design to the OLED Super Retina display, 5G connectivity and a whole new CPU at the heart of it all, Apple has reinvented practically everything about the world’s favorite smartphone … and from what we can tell so far, it’s an astounding success.
Apple fans have been looking forward to getting these kinds of upgrades for years, and now,

Apple has packed them all onto the same iPhone 12 Pro Max. So let’s dive a little deeper into this awesome smartphone’s design; and how it’s going to be setting the pace for years to come …


A Whole New Look and Feel for the iPhone 12 Pro Max

The iPhone 12 Pro Max size and shape make it instantly recognizable when compared to older models.

Gone are the rounded, bulging edges of older models, replaced now by flat and smooth edges that give the iPhone 12 Pro Max a more industrial look, hearkening back to older iPhone 4 models with a similar design.

This big design change helps the iPhone 12 Pro Max stand out compared to older models, giving you a visual cue on the outside as to the very special upgrades on the inside. Flat sides can also actually help with handling, as is the case with our popular new flat-sided Magneto case, which is designed with similarly flat sides for easier gripping and retention.

Handling is an important factor when you realize that the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be the single BIGGEST iPhone ever released, with its OLED Super Retina display clocking in at a whopping 6.7” from corner-to-corner.

That’s the biggest screen ever found on an iPhone, slightly larger than the 6.5” screen you’d find on an iPhone XS Max.

And what a screen, by the way …

Lower-end iPhone 12 models are slated to utilize a BOE OLED Super Retina display. But with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, you’re going to be getting a 6.7” Samsung OLED Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion and 10 bit color depth.

If you’re not familiar with all the specifics, that means you’re getting what’s probably the most gorgeous screen you’ve ever set eyes on. It’s similar to the screen used in last year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max, but with a few key improvements.

As far as colors go, you’ll have a few different options to match your style—like the popular Midnight Green from last year’s release, Space Gray, Silver, Gold and a new matte blue that looks awesome.

Overall, you could easily say the iPhone 12 Pro Max is one of the most stylish, most evocative releases ever to come out of Apple. And that’s before you’ve even turned it on …


The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the Fastest Phone You’ve Ever Seen

For all the amazing cameras and world-class displays, the secret to the iPhone’s success has ALWAYS been the processor and internal architecture that make it all work.

From even the earliest iPhone models, Apple has always done things a little bit differently. Using their own OS, developing their own hardware, and only offering it in iPhones. This can be a bit of a pain when Apple decides you’re not going to have access to something like Microsoft Outlook or Adobe Acrobat for years.

But it also means Apple iPhones can be some of the most stable, longest-lasting smartphones out there. It’s why the average iPhone lasts for four years, while smartphones in general typically only last for three years before needing to be replaced.

In terms of the processor itself, Android’s offerings are actually relatively comparable to the last generation of iPhone processors. The A13 from Apple and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 are both 7 nm processors with equally impressive specs.

But the new A14 processor featured in the iPhone 12 Pro Max (and all new iPhone 12 models) is another huge leap forward …

First, there’s the size. It’s a 5 nm chip instead of 7 nm. A ‘tiny’ difference in terms of size, but a smaller chip means less heat (which limits performance) and less power consumption (which limits battery life). According to recent leaks, the new A14 chip is “about 15% faster but uses a full 30% less power than the current A13 or Snapdragon 865 Plus.”

It goes without saying that this is tremendous news. It’s also crucial because the smaller chip will help offset the power consumption of the integrated 5G modem and power-hungry, high-refresh-rate OLED display.

Another great factor behind having a brand new processor is the future-proof nature of it. The iPhone 12 Pro Max and indeed any phone powered by Apple’s A14 processor is likely to keep you going for plenty of years to come—ensuring you get great value for your investment even as the software is updated and your phone ages.


iPhone 12 Pro Max Gets a 5G Modem, LiDAR Camera and More!

Apple’s iPhones have always stayed on the cutting edge when it comes to new features and usability.

Indeed; the smartphone itself owes practically everything to that first Apple iPhone. From its iconic shape and form factor to the lack of exterior buttons and keyboards (Blackberry, anyone?) Apple’s iPhone has routinely set the bar when it comes to performance and ease of use with smartphones.

As such, it should come as absolutely no surprise that Apple has continued to innovate with awesome new features in the iPhone 12 Pro Max; like a lightning-speed 5G modem and an upgraded camera cluster.

5G is, quite simply, the solution to everything that bothers you about your phone. With latency times as low as 1ms and download rates of up to 20 GBits/second, 5G delivers a whole new level of uninterrupted speed and service that will make your smartphone even more useful and convenient than ever before.

Of course, like 3G and 4G before it, the performance of your 5G iPhone will be seriously dependent on the available bandwidth of your network, and how much they’re supporting it. But once again, it’s all about future-proofing. As 5G coverage grows and expands over the coming years, the iPhone 12 Pro Max ensures you’ll be ready to take advantage of it.

And it’s just getting started, too …

Avid iPhone fans will notice an extra sensor on the camera cluster of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. That’s the new LiDAR sensor. LiDAR uses laser pulses and ultra-precise, nano-second measurements to create more effective images of 3-dimensional space. Think of it like the echolocation used by bats and dolphins.

This means, for pretty much the first time ever, Apple’s iPhones and iPads can take more accurate measurements and judge distance more effectively (something they’ve always been notoriously weak with).

The LiDAR sensor works to measure anything within a 5-meter radius, and since it’s still a brand-new feature, we can’t yet be entirely sure how it will be used. You can expect plenty of novel apps and functionalities to emerge from such a cool new feature, though.


Key Takeaways & Expected Owner Experience of the iPhone 12 Pro Max

So first and foremost; just wow.

Apple has historically been more inclined to lead new trends rather than focusing on giving the customers what they want, but this new iPhone 12 Pro Max gives hardcore smartphone users everything they could’ve wanted.

At 6.7” the iPhone 12 Pro Max practically a small tablet, making it a solid choice for the type of user who doesn’t need a laptop for work, or want a larger iPad for browsing. If you’re a “one- device” person, then the iPhone 12 Pro Max specs are definitely well worth the investment.

If you don’t like such a big phone, there will be smaller iPhone 12’s on the way as well, clocking in between 5.4” and 6.1” in screen size. There’s even the new iPhone SE as a solid budget- friendly choice with the classic button design.

While Samsung’s 5G smartphones will definitely give the iPhone 12 Pro Max a run for its money in terms of pure specs, you can’t argue with the stability and track record of Apple’s mobile OS. All things being equal, it’s just a more user-friendly system that’s likely to last longer and with
fewer bugs.

So what about the shortcomings?

Well, you don’t get a 6.7” high-refresh rate OLED for free. Likewise with that power-hungry 5G modem. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is likely to have a relatively short battery life (think charging at least once a day). Plus, as the software is upgraded over time, as you start really taxing that 5G modem, the battery life could start to become more of an issue.

As such, we’d definitely recommend grabbing a wireless charger for your iPhone 12 Pro Max. Just plug it in and leave it on your desktop at work or countertop at home, and you can use it to quickly and conveniently top off charge during the day. It’s so much easier to just grab and go.

And coming back to that awesome OLED screen, we think a tempered glass screen protector is pretty much a must-have.

After all; you’ll want to protect that screen, but you also don’t want to distort or lose any of its amazing picture quality. With tempered glass (instead of plastic) you get an ultra-thin layer of protection to take care of dings and scratches, without sacrificing anything in terms of picture quality.


Is the iPhone 12 Max the New Hottest Phone on the Market?

If you’re a busy creative professional, the iPhone 12 Max is simply a dream come true …

You’re getting the fastest smartphone Apple has ever made with the best processor, biggest screen and most feature-rich camera cluster out there. You’re getting practically endless creative utility when it comes to creating and even editing photos, video and more.

Even if you’re not going to use all that utility, you’re still getting one of the single most advanced smartphones on the market—one that will stay ahead of the curve for years to come.

Based on the camera, the screen and the 5G functionality alone, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is a serious contender, even if all you do on your phone is watch video.

While there are inevitably more sales in the lower-end iPhones (like the iPhone XR or the new second-generation SE), these higher-end models still work as a platform to show everyone some of the amazing things Apple can do with today’s technology.