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When you think of graduation gifts, you can’t help but to automatically think of cash! While we will never deny that cash is always a great gift, graduation gifts should be something that the newly independent grad can enjoy and aids them in their next chapter, instead of being spent in one night on wings. Let’s not forget, graduation is a memorable milestone, a rewarding accomplishment of enduring years of learning, sacrifices and not giving up.  So instead of money this year, why not give that special grad something more thoughtful and meaningful to really show them you are so proud of their accomplishments? Here are five practical gifts your grad will love:

A New Laptop
Whether it will be their first or simply upgrading to a newer version, laptops make excellent gifts for freshmen. Whether they are planning on studying music, business management or computer science, there is a laptop out there that will suit their academic needs. Look out for sales, but also keep in mind that laptops are one thing you don’t want to cheap, they will be sitting in front of it for years to come. Spending a little bit more now to ensure they have enough storage, warranty and protection will ultimately save you money in the long run.

Retailer/Campus Bookstore Gift Card
The transition of leaving home for the first time and settling into their dormitories is a big step which can be overwhelming. Many campus have bookstores or student centers with access to fast food, textbooks, school apparel and snacks for those late night study sessions. Consider purchasing a gift card to the campus bookstore or a top up card which can be filled up once they’ve reached the limit. On average families spend about a thousand dollars furnishing and setting up their grad’s new dorm or apartment. Consider a gift card to a known retailer like Target, Walmart or even Costco to help them furnish their new digs.

A Car to get them to Job Interviews
While a new car can be an expensive gift, it would give the newly college grad an invaluable resource to enter the workforce. Consider shopping around for months, and research used cars as well as many different leasing options.

A Gift for their New Home
Now that the dorm life is over and they plan on moving out into the world, the best thing you can give them is a gift for their new place or a household item. Although a coffee machine, pots and pans, or a bed set may not be a glamorous gift at first, they will be sure to appreciate it when having to furnish and outfit their new home on a next to nothing budget. Plus they will always think of you when they use it!

Tech Gifts for all types of Grads – Caseco Case
With technology enabling young adults to do more than ever before, searching for jobs and apartments to even keeping track of their health and dietary needs, smartphones are no longer just for texting and adding filters to pictures. Smartphones are investments into your grad’s future and a durable case will ensure that investment is well protected.
A Caseco case for their iPhone or Samsung is the ultimate gift for grads of all ages to ensure military-grade protection for their smartphone. The new Shock Express Metallic Phone Case Series provides superior drop and shock proof protection while providing a sleek metallic style in several colors. The Testa Phone Case Series provides a unique smart folio case which not only secures their smartphone, but allows them to carry their cards and cash all in one place.  Let’s face it, smartphones are so expensive that when we fall and hear a sound, we pray it’s our leg and not the actual phone itself that broke. Ensure their screen is also protected from drops and scratches with the Caseco Screenflex, the ultimate flexible glass screen protector.

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