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We use technology to stay informed and connected. We use hats to keep us warm when we weather the elements. Now, and for the first time, the two worlds unite and borne is a product called the Blu-Toque. When Bluetooth technology was first introduced, it was mainly associated with transferring files between cell phones. Shortly after, Bluetooth earpieces became a must have item in our hands free world. Bluetooth speakers are now a popular item to give as a gift. The Blu-Toque will become the next ultimate give as a gift to a person who loves technology.

This innovative hat comes in five different colours and even offers the beanie version, which is the latest craze in fashion. You charge it via the included micro USB cable to your computer for just under three hours which yields six hours of continuous working time. The stand-by time is just as impressive at 60 hours. The coolest part about this hat is that it talks to you. Yes, it talks to you. There are two modules inside the hat positioned near your ears. One side has a speaker and the other side has the Bluetooth module. When you turn it on, a friendly non-intimidating female says “on”. Then when you pair it with another Bluetooth-enabled device, it says “connected”. This means that you can now take and make calls via your toque, your Blu-toque. Once paired with your cell phone, you are able to take calls and speak while you are driving, walking, jogging, skiing, etc. without fumbling for your phone or an earpiece. Wearing the Blu-Toque while driving is an experience in itself as the device will speak your directions when your GPS is on. You can stream music too. This feature is ideal if you are doing outdoor activities or maybe you are like me, a mom with two kids who love to hear their own music in the car.

The Blu-Toque is compatible with Apple and Android devices. The hat itself is made of a really nice, plush-feeling material that will definitely keep your head warm. The modules come out in case you need to wash your toque. There is a control option on the one side whereby you can play, pause, decrease and increase the volume.

My soul feels soothed because I have never liked wearing a Bluetooth earpiece yet I still want to talk and connect with people while driving or during my stroller walks, grocery shopping, or outdoors with my two kids. Bluetooth earpieces never fit well and I spent five times the cost of a Blu-Toque figuring that out. Now, I can talk and look cool while doing it in in red. If you are buying this as a gift, the person you gift it to will think of you each time they use it. Happy talking!

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