When 2021 arrived, many iPhone fans couldn't wait to get their hands on the highly anticipated 12 series. And now in 2022, its about time for the launch of iPhone 13 series. Honestly, who wouldn't want the latest iPhone model? The design was reminiscent of the old school iPhones, and many who were holding on to these were finally able to upgrade.
But that wasn't the only thing the 12 series could boast about. More importantly, the flagship models, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, were considered the most expensive smartphone releases. With a frosted gorilla glass 6 on the back, a solid ceramic shield glass to protect the display, an IP68 water resistance rating and an upgraded camera system - Apple didn't need to apologize for it.
The one caveat with its design was the glossy metallic finish that ran through the sides of the smartphone. But, for such a big phone - the finish made it less grippy, and a case would be a matter of principle and a matter of necessity.
With such an expensively gorgeous smartphone, you HAVE to deck it out in style. Your gorgeous iPhone 12 Pro Max needs an equally beautiful iPhone 12 Pro Max case to go with it. And so does your latest iPhone 13, iPhone Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. What better way than to dress it with something as luxurious as a leather folio case.

Consider A Leather Folio Case For Your Iphone 12 Pro Max
So let's talk about Leather. Old fashioned Leather is well - OLD, and it doesn't do much for the animals who get the short end of the stick. WE don't use these kinds of leather as Caseco is wholly against animal cruelty - you can see that on our materials page
What we do use instead of genuine Leather is known as VEGAN leather. Now, the whole proponent of vegan Leather is that it does not involve any part of an animal to produce. Yet, you can expect the same feel and toughness as though it were genuine Leather.
Sounds like a 2-in-1 deal, and it is. Our leather phone cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max look elegant and classy and would go perfectly with Apple's latest flagship 5G phone. But that's not all. Style and protection go hand in hand with these leather iPhone 12 Pro Max Case products.
Here's a look at three gorgeous leather folio cases for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Magnetic iPhone 12 folio cases
Sunset Blvd. Leather Phone Cases are multi-faceted in every way. For example, you have your iPhone 12 Pro Max case that can act as a stand-alone case when you want to just hold your iPhone 12. Or you can attach it to the folio, making it a wallet case for a more comprehensive experience.

Bond I Magnetic Wallet Folio Case
This sleek, black number is made from handcrafted premium vegan leather. It also has high-quality stitching that speaks volumes about its quality. Imagine a suited-up James Bond - that's how your iPhone 12 Pro Max will stand out in the Bond Folio.
But that's not all.
There's an extra set of special functions on this wallet case. This iPhone 12 Pro Max magnetic wallet case has advanced anti-radiation and RFID protection. In the Bond world, this sleek case has been Q-upgraded. So you're not just protecting your phone; you're watching your health and identity too.
This Bond I phone case with card holder has three card slots, so you can also use it as a wallet. Take it anywhere and come up with your IDs and credit cards when you least expect it. A quick run to the grocers or a dash to the drugstore under a light drizzle won't matter. Your phone and cards are safe because the phone case has a water-resistant surface.

Bond II Vegan Wallet Folio Case
Bond II phone card holder is made of premium vegan leather, has EMF and RFID protection, and has card slots on the wallet case. One main difference is the additional card slot on the back of the phone case itself. Another, more important difference is the smooth touch vegan Leather used here.
This iPhone case is a definite must-have if you don't want to have to lug around your wallet and phone everywhere you go. With this case, you can carry both in one wallet case - Bond style.

Park Ave Wallet Folio Case
This Park Ave wallet phone case for iPhone 12 Pro Max case is made of premium vegan leather, and the beautiful pattern, combined with its durability, makes it stand out. Think of a high-profile celebrity walking down an ordinary suburban road. The difference is stark, and you'll just know who's good on the money.
It's not all skin deep, though. The Park Ave cardholder case also has anti-radiation and RFID protection that you can depend on if you use the wallet folio to store your credit cards. If you're high profile, then protecting your identity and finances is intelligent and prudent. In addition, the case has a sturdy design, and excellent craftsmanship guarantees enhanced security for your phone. What more can you ask for?

A Different Kind of Vegan Leather Using Eco-Friendly Technology
Smooth touch vegan leather is something of a next-level category in the vegan lineup. This eco-friendly phone case is soft to the touch, like genuine leather. But you needn't worry about ruining this vegan Leather because, unlike genuine leather, water won't damage it. This means it's pretty easy to clean and disinfect the wallet folio. Just a quick wipe down, and you're ready to take on the world again

Final Thoughts
This article focuses on some of the best leather folio cases for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but that's not all Caseco has to offer. If having a wallet folio can be an overwhelming buy, why not check out other iPhone 12 pro max cases on our collection page.
If you're not sporting any of the top tier flagship products, then you can pick an iPhone 12 case or an iPhone 12 Mini case. Caseco offers value for money and great after sales service. Our products are made in Canada employing Canadians who face language and education barriers to employment and we believe in sustainable technology.
Making the correct choice shouldn't be difficult. You carefully consider style, functionality, design and value for money; these cases tick all those boxes easily. So, do get these top-tier leather folio cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max before they all get snatched away. You won't regret it.
Now you can browse through our beautiful collection of iPhone 13 phone case. We at Caseco, offer a wider range of accessories, browse through our collections. For every purchase you make, we donate a smaller amount to the charity.