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Touchless Door Opener

November 17, 2020 3 min read

New Normal, New Rules

The first quarter of 2020 saw the onset of the pandemic that we are now in. As nations around the world were trying to prevent the further spread of the disease, everyone had to cope with all the new measures to prevent the spread. Shelter in place and closure of restaurants, bars and entertainment businesses were most effective in preventing the spread of the virus. From an economic standpoint, however, this is counterproductive.

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Eventually, everyone had to adopt new norms to be able to return to a semblance of how life was before the pandemic. Wearing a mask, keeping a safe distance and regular washing of hands are the 3 most important things we can do to prevent ourselves from being exposed. Now, if everyone followed these 3 simple steps, could we see an end to the spread of this disease? The answer to the question is not that simple. 

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How Are Germs Transmitted?

There are 2 ways in which germs are transmitted. The first is direct contact. This is when we have direct or person-to-person contact or through the spread of droplets when we cough or sneeze. The second is indirect contact. This can be through airborne transmission, food and water, or contaminated objects.

Let's take a closer look at the latter. When you touch an object, such as a door handle, after an infected person does, you may already be exposed. This is true if you didn’t thoroughly wash your hands before touching your mouth, nose or eyes as some viruses and bacteria can live on objects for a certain amount of time. 

Human Behavior

Humans are creatures of habit. As such, we often tend to act without thinking. A simple thing such as scratching an itch requires as little thinking on our part. If you think about it, our daily morning rituals make us look like we’re on autopilot. This helps us get through our day so we can actually think about the things we need to. 

Some behaviors manifest themselves throughout the day such as touching our face when we are thinking or rubbing our eyes when they’re tired. An infected person may have already touched a surface that we are about to come into contact with. Because of this, we are constantly at risk of being exposed to diseases while we are in public places. 

Opening Doors in the New Normal

As we go about our day, many surfaces we come into regular contact such as door handles, ATM buttons, and handrails are already harboring microbes. We may not have sanitizers or hand sanitation facilities available at all times. So how can we limit our contact with surfaces in public places?

Using a simple tool such as Caseco’s 3-in-1 Touchless Door Opener means your hand does not come into contact with these viral hotbeds. It acts as an extension of your fingers and hands and serves as a barrier between you and all sorts of surfaces. It’s small and portable so you can keep it handy wherever you go.  You can use it to open door handles or push buttons at the ATM or the pump. It can even be used on your smartphone with its built in stylus tip. It’s also better for the environment than wearing single use items such as gloves. So next time you need to go out, remember to keep yourself safe.