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Why You Need A Privacy Screen Protector For Your iPhone 12

November 25, 2020 2 min read

The iPhone 12 has just been launched this last month. It’s an amazing piece of tech and is definitely better than the previous model. The cameras have been upgraded to support the new face recognition technology used to unlock the phone. 

With all the new features it has, it may not have accounted for our present pandemic situation where face masks are the norm. And without a fingerprint scanner, you’re back to using your PIN to unlock your phone. And since we do almost everything on our phones now, this is just another reason for you to get a privacy screen protector for your iPhone 12. 

Privacy For Your Protection

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Now you don’t want prying eyes to steal a glance at your phone, exposing your PIN, passwords, account details and so on. Caseco’s Privacy Screen Protector provides your phone with end-to-end coverage of protection with its two way filter. Your phone’s screen is protected when viewed from the sides while it’s ultra thin profile gives you the same crystal clear view you want and touch performance you deserve. 

Protection For Your Phone

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Not only does this screen protector safeguard your credentials, it also protects your phone’s screen from cracks and scratches. With its ultra hard 9H protection, it absorbs impact up to 9 times stronger than an unprotected screen. It also lets you enjoy your beautiful screen with its anti smudge and fingerprint layer. 

Double Duty

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Now don’t fret because your new iPhone 12 may be missing some of the features it needs. There often is a simple solution that can solve your problems while giving you more than what you asked for. In this case, Caseco’sPrivacy Screen Protector does double duty for you - protecting your data and screen all at the same time.