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Wow Her With These Techy Valentines Gift Ideas

February 11, 2021 7 min read

Flowers, chocolates and love letters are great ways to tell your woman that you love her. They may still be effective, but let’s face it, they’re kinda old fashioned. The future is digital so let her know that you can keep up with the times. These techy Valentines gifts can also show her how much you care.

Ring Light Stand

ring light stand

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See her face light up - literally - when you give her thisRing Light Stand and phone mount. While the world has been in a state of pandemic, everyone’s been taking to social media sites and apps to keep in touch, to entertain, and to inform. From zoom meetings, to tik-tok dancing, and vlogging, you need good lighting and a great camera angle to get the perfect shot. Even a simple selfie can get a whole lot better with the help of a ring light stand. 

Now she can up her selfie game with this 18cm diameter, 64 LED lit ring light. The 3 color modes set the mood depending on what shot she wants to take. She can choose from warm, cool white, or daylight settings to get the desired results. Plus, each setting has 10 adjustable brightness levels so she can shoot at whatever time she pleases and in any setting. She can take her meetings indoors during the day or record her blog outdoors at night and still get the best lighting possible. 

We know our women love to shoot selfies with different angles. This ring light stand and phone mount features an adjustable monopod stand so she can get that perfect angle. The monopod extends up to 40 cm so it can be placed on any tabletop. The grips on the monopod are wide and can accommodate any smartphone even with the case on. It also has a pivoting neck so she can use it as an indirect light source if she wants to. 

This is simply the best platform for vlogging and selfies. It’s also great for teleconferencing because it keeps her hands free. She can work from her phone while still being able to work and take notes at the same time. And because it lets her be creative and productive, this is one gift she will definitely love.

Stealth Wireless Charger

wireless power bank

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Fast charge your way to her heart with this Wireless Charging Power Bank. Besides her family and friends, there’s one thing every woman loves - their mobile phones. And nothing makes them as sad and bummed out when their phones are about to lose power. So show her your love by giving her theStealth Wireless Charging Power Bank in this passionate red color. 

This power bank has an 8000 mAh battery that’s large enough to charge her iPhone 12 or her new Samsung S21 twice over. You’re also helping her declutter because the Stealth uses fast Qi wireless charging. It delivers up to 10 watts of power without the need for cables to any Qi compatible device. She just needs to place her phone on the charger and it starts charging automatically. It’s Qi certified as well which means that it’s been tested to safely provide fast and efficient charge to all Qi compatible devices. It can wirelessly charge her phone quickly without overheating both devices. It also won’t overcharge her phone and meets all safety requirements. 

In case her phone isn’t equipped with wireless charging there are two USB ports that she can use to charge her phones. And if she decides to upgrade her phone to the latest flagship ones, she’ll already have the portable mobile power she needs. And her phone is kept safe as this has a non slip grip up top. All in all, this wireless charging power bank can charge 3 devices at the same time 2 via USB and one via wireless power transfer. It has a battery light indicator that lets her know if the power bank needs a top up. 

If she’s into vlogging and taking pictures you should know that using her phone’s video and camera functions can drain its battery pretty quickly. You don’t have to let this rain on her parade. All you need to do is get her the Stealth Wireless Charging Power Bank to continue to power her passion.

UV Sanitizer + Charger 

phone sanitizer and charger

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Give her the gift of peace of mind. ThisUV Sanitizer + Wireless Charger sterilizes her device and accessories while being able to charge her phone wirelessly. It's a fast, safe and easy way to keep things free of microbes and doubles as a phone charger. Compact and portable, this is the perfect gift to get her into that clean habit anywhere she goes.

With a lot of germs going around it’s only wise to keep safe by hand washing thoroughly and frequently. But what about the things that we always come into frequent contact with, especially our phones? We check our device an average of 58 times a day. And if you’re out and about, you don’t really have time to constantly wash our hands. 

Take for example a basic grocery run. You come into contact with door handles, carts and baskets, and all kinds of produce and products and check the grocery list or that last minute message to buy more milk on your phone. That means you and your device are constantly exposed to microbes. So you get back home and disinfect all your groceries but how about your device? Using solvents and cleaning agents can damage your phone. 

UV light is proven to kill 99.9% of common microbes. It’s an effective and safe way to clean your device and other small items as well. This UV sanitizer gives 360 degree disinfection with enough room for her phone, airpods, keys, and more. She can choose from either a 5 minute or 10 minute disinfection cycle. LED lights indicate disinfection treatment process and 3 beeps signal it’s completion. 

After disinfecting her phone she can use the wireless charging function to top it off. It’s compatible with any Qi enabled device and delivers up to 15 watts of fast wireless charging. It’s compact design makes it portable so she can be safe anytime, anywhere. It’s definitely a unique and relevant way to show her you care.

Blu-Toque + Touch Screen Gloves

bluetooth beanie and touch screen glove

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During winter, the warmth of your touch is all you need to let your lady know that you love her. But for some, it’s still not possible to have close contact with the ones we love. TheBlu-Toque Beanie + Touch Screen Gloves combo kit lets her stay warm and connected with you in these harsh and cold times. It’s also the perfect gift for tech savvy women who get cold easily.

We all love to check our phones all the time. But being out in the cold with gloves on can make it a hassle to do this. It’s either your hands brave the cold and you go and answer that call or message or you delay that and maybe miss the opportunity. With these touch screen gloves, she doesn't have to do either. Dual layered acrylic material keeps her hands warm and is really comfortable. These gloves are sure to keep the cold out with its thick elastic wrist cuffs. What sets them apart from regular gloves are the conductive fiber material at the thumb, forefinger, and middle finger tips that let her operate her device without the need to take off the gloves. 

While the gloves keep her hands nice and toasty, the beanie keeps her head warm while letting you connect with her. Using bluetooth technology, the integrated module with speakers and mic lets her answer calls from her phone directly. It also lets her listen to music from her phone with 6 hours of playback. A quick 2 hour charge lets her do this and gives 60 hours of standby time. The onboard controls for calls and music playback are simple and intuitive. Keeping the acrylic beanie hat clean is as simple as removing the module from the hat so she can wash it. 

These two accessories combined keep her warm and connected with you even in the cold. It also provides a convenient way for her to be productive or entertained while she’s out and about. With a variety of styles and colors, we’re certain that you get her one that goes with her fashionable style. 

Anti Blue Light Screen Protector

screen protector

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Did you know that we spend more than 11 hours a day in front of a digital screen? Modern digital screens emit blue light which can be both good and bad. Overexposure to this can have adverse effects on her eyes and overall health. The gift of health is probably the best thing you could give her this Valentines. Protect her eyes with anAnti Blue Light Screen Protector

Overexposure to blue light causes digital eye strain where the eyes get dry, tired, and irritated. Long term exposure can also lead to eye damage. Blue light also disrupts sleep patterns making you feel tired and heavy the next day. Even if you get enough sleep, you don’t feel rested. This screen protector not only protects her phone, it also protects her by effectively blocking out blue light. 

This screen protector protects her phone’s screen from scratches and impact with its 9H hardness. It’s precision cut for total coverage and retains the screen’s touch responsiveness. It provides crystal clear viewing while maintaining color accuracy of the screen. It also has an oleophobic coating to keep the screen nice and pristine.

An anti blue light screen protector will make viewing her phone a more pleasant experience. It’ll help her avoid the harmful effects of blue light and make her eyes feel more relaxed. Make sure her phone and eyes are protected. Who knows, she might then see how much she means to you. 

Wrapping It Up

Mobility and face-to-face interaction may still be limited during these times. How we wish that we can return to the way things were before. With these special occasions, we can’t have that much celebration. However, these great Valentines gift ideas make more meaningful interactions possible. They’re amazing products that can help you and your loved one stay connected while keeping you both safe.