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iPhone XS Max Wireless Chargers

Say goodbye to fraying wires and tangled cables! With this IPhone XS Max Wireless Charging Pad collection, you can enjoy fast charging and instant unplugging for your iPhone XS Max anytime and anywhere. Our chargers are Qi-certified and have a 10-watt capacity to power your device. Choose from a wide range of colors and designs to find the best IPhone XS Max Wireless Charging Pad.

Apollo Marble Wireless

Searching for an aesthetic charger? The iPhone XS Max wireless charging pad in Apollo Marble is just what you need. Available in two colors providing you that picturesque desk you’ve been aiming for.

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Nitro II Wireless Chargers

Sleek design and packed with modern technology that won’t create a chaotic array at your desk, our Nitro II iPhone XS Max wireless charging pad will be your favorite accessory. Available in 8 different colors, it can match any theme you need.

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Stealth Wireless Chargers

Step up in your charging game with the stealth iPhone XS Max wireless charging pad. Available in basic colors and inconspicuous disc that will keep your device in place.

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Stealth Wireless Power Bank

With the stealth iPhone XS Max wireless power bank, you’ll recognize the value of a battery booster without the chaos of tangled cables. Available in different colors, you’ll quickly find one that matches your style.

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Apollo Wireless Power Bank

Gone are the days of bringing multiple accessories. Whether you’re traveling or on the go, iPhone XS Max wireless power banks will revolutionize your charging game.

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