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Our Charities

At Caseco, we are determined to give back. There are several charities close to our heart, which pioneer efforts that really do make a difference. We believe in helping the environment, both from an ecological point of view and a social one. This is why we donate 1% of total sales — not just profit — to our charitable partners to help improve the world we live in.



Caseco now donates a portion of our sales to the Save The Children Foundation.

At Caseco, we want to be part of building strong, healthy communities where our children will learn and play in safety. We believe that healthy, happy children who feel secure and supported are at the core of our communities, which is why we support Save The Children, a charity that is very close to our hearts.

Years ago, Caseco’s founder attended a unique school in Bangladesh: the SOS Hermann Gmeiner College in the SOS Children’s Village International.

The SOS Children’s Village International accepted orphans and allowed them to receive education alongside other children at the prestigious SOS Hermann Gmeiner College. This permitted under-privileged children to interact with others from all backgrounds daily. Hermann Gmeiner wanted to create a place of social enrichment that would allow children to receive an education and feel accepted. This environment of social learning showed our founder the importance of supporting children from every background so that they were never limited by circumstances outside of their control.

To honor that, we decided to give back to a charity that he knew could make a real difference in the world. We partnered with Save The Children not only because of their dedication to eradicating child poverty, hunger and disease, as well as offering clean water and education, but because of their transparency. Save The Children connects directly to the people they help and are clear in how their funds are spent.

We believe that, as companies, we are responsible for contributing to a better future for our children, our community’s children, and the world’s children. Together with Save The Children, our team at Caseco is hoping to make the world a better place for children everywhere.




Caseco is proud to be partnered with 1% for the Planet so we can give back to our environment.

At Caseco, we want future generations to enjoy nature the same way that we do, but this simply won’t be possible if climate change continues at its current rate. Making sure that we do what we can to lower our carbon footprint and live sustainably is something that we want to support and encourage, both with our products and with our profits.

1% for the Planet partners businesses and individuals with environmental charities that are making great strides in making the world a better place. By partnering with 1% for the Planet, it means that we are supporting the use of a system where more than one charity benefits. There are so many incredible environmental charities out there, doing a range of good work that they all deserve our support. 1% for the Planet means that they all get it, enabling multiple projects to be funded.

Through matching companies with charities, 1% for the Planet forms lasting partnerships between groups of people, and it is a great way to really see how your money is having an impact. By knowing the ins and outs of your charity’s campaigns, we know that we really are giving something back, and doing our bit in the fight against climate change.



One of the biggest issues facing out planet is plastic pollution, particularly in our oceans. When you hear the facts, they can be scary at times but there are things that can be done.

At Caseco, we want to do our bit to aid in the fight against this, which is why we are a proud supporter of Plastic Oceans, a charity that aims to get rid of the plastic waste in our waterways, and to prevent any more from being added.

Plastic Oceans support a policy Caseco has always believed in. That each of us can make a difference. If we all lower our individual consumption of single-use plastic, and reuse and recycle more, this cumulative effect will have a massive impact on our oceans. By supporting this charity, we are doing what we believe is every company’s responsibility – paving the way forward to a world without plastic pollution.

By organizing shoreline cleanups and education programs, Plastic Oceans are keeping our beaches clean and plastic-free, so that our children can enjoy them in the same way that we always have.

Every single beach clean-up takes away plastic that would have ruined our beautiful beaches, harmed wildlife, and polluted our water. This to us shows the impact that each individual action can make, which is why we continue to do whatever we can to keep Caseco single-use plastic-free.

H20 4 ALL


Caseco’s latest partnered charity is H2o 4 All. Their team is committed to bringing safe water to people all over the world.

Turning on the tap and getting clean, safe, drinking water should be something that everyone in the world has access to. The fact that they don’t, while tons of water in North America is wasted every year, is something that has really struck the Caseco team. This is why we want to do our bit to bring to others what we take so much for granted.

H2o 4 All focus on our global community, and the importance of bringing good sanitation and clean drinking water to those in developing countries. They also go out into the community, and don’t just leave an area once a project is completed.

By connecting with the local people, they can then provide education about hygiene and sanitation, giving the people knowledge that they themselves can then pass on to future generations.

More than just this, H2o 4 ALL has a large innovation department. This is something that we at Caseco love to see, because we want to bring the best new innovations to our customers, and believe that with the right thinking, anything is possible.