Our Mission

Our mission is to make the world a better place.

Does that sound lofty or unattainable? It shouldn’t. Every positive change that happens in the world happens because someone decided they wanted to make things better. They wanted to build a better product, do things a better way, and help people. They wanted to see just a little bit more security, happiness, and peace in the world.

We are not just tech professionals who are focused on creating better products for mobile phones, but parents, siblings, and people who care. Our founder has learned firsthand the positive effects that helping children can have on a community. His time at the SOS Hermann Gmeiner College when he was young was eye-opening. He saw how—with a little support—children from any socioeconomic situations could grow up to lead full, rich, productive lives. All they needed was a bit of assistance and someone who believed in them.

This is why we at Caseco have pledged to donate 2% of all our proceeds to Save The Children, a charity that helps rescue children from a life of poverty, food insecurity, and disease. This means that every purchase you make not only provides you with a high-quality, dependable phone accessory, but with the knowledge that you are helping to stop a child from going hungry, or cold, or thirsty. With every purchase, you are joining us in our mission to make the world a better place. 

Want to know more about Save The Children and why it matters so much to us? Visit our Why We Donate page to learn about Save The Children and why we chose this particular charity.