Our Mission

Building a Stronger, More Sustainable Global Community—One Case at a Time

Smartphones are all about bringing us closer together; reinforcing stronger communities and unlocking the possibilities of working together in exciting new ways.

Here at Caseco, we believe your smartphone’s case can serve the same purpose…

That’s why Caseco is dedicated to fostering a stronger, more sustainable global community—one case at a time. To empower our friends and neighbors in their dreams of a brighter future … and ultimately helping them to make our world a better place.It’s a dream that started when our founder Jay attended a unique school in his home country of Bangladesh—the SOS Hermann Gmeiner College in the SOS Children’s Village International.This prestigious school admitted underprivileged regardless of their ability to pay; allowing them to learn and attend the class as equals regardless of their socioeconomic standing. He was able to witness firsthand the power of helping his fellow students feel accepted and embrace all the possibilities this world has to offer.Regardless of their background or social standing, Jay realized his classmates were capable of practically anything when they weren’t limited by circumstances outside of their control. To honor that, we decided to give back to a charity that he knew could make a real difference in the world.

That’s why Caseco donates 2% of all its proceeds to Save The Children.

We partnered with Save The Children not only because of their dedication to eradicating child poverty, hunger and disease and offering clean water and education but because of their transparency. Save The Children connects directly to the people they help and are clear in how their funds are spent. Want to know more about Save The Children and why it matters so much to us? Visit our Why We Donate page to learn about Save The Children and why we chose this particular charity.