We care About Helping People

We believe everyone deserves a high quality of life so we have created job opportunities for people across North America who are facing education or language barriers. We also guarantee that our products are cruelly free and manufactured without the use of child labour.

We are Obsessed With Quality

Caseco’s products and accessories are UL/AL-certified and Apple-certified for use with each specific device. We are very involved in our products, from their manufacturing until they arrive at your doorsteps, we even have all of our products packaged close by in North America. Our accessories and product quality compete with mass-market brands and have a lifetime warranty while maintaining low and affordable prices. If you ever find yourself not satisfied with the performance of your Caseco purchase, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help!

We Protect the Environment

We want to ensure we are doing everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment. By reducing our packaging and shipping from North America we are able to minimize our transportation emission footprint. To help eliminate single-use plastics we make our products of 99% recyclable material and cruelty-free vegan leather. While other companies may deliberately over-produce and inflate prices only to dump their overstock into our landfills, we build our products to last and only produce small batches to sell at fair prices. In addition to our efforts to reduce our environmental impacts, we’ve partnered up with 1% for the Planet to join the global movement that donates a portion of our sales to environmental solutions.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

It’s about more than just carbon. By shopping for our products, you’re investing in projects that promise stronger communities, clearer skies, and a greener Earth!

We Solve Problems With Creativity

Here at Caseco, we want to create accessories that make your life better! Our innovative team has worked hard to be the first to introduce the Bluetooth-enabled toque at the annual electronics trade show.

We launched one of the first stylish phone clutch cases to help you keep all your credit cards and IDs organized and within easy access with the case’s many slots. When people told us that their cats were munching their tech cords, we developed a pet-proof charging cable that would last longer and keep your pets safe. Our Mighty Mount collection was designed to provide safe and legal accessories to support in-car charging, talking, and navigating as new laws came out to prohibit driving while holding a phone. We want to continue to solve problems and make our life a little bit easier because your safety and satisfaction are important to us.

And of course, our commitment to solving problems goes beyond reliable and fashionable phone accessories: every purchase helps make the world a little better through our donations to socially responsible and environmentally conscious charities.

Our Value

Here at Caseco we care about quality. We improve the quality of life by creating jobs in North America for people facing employment barriers such as language or education and our products are manufactured without the use of child labour. We help to improve the environment by raising environmental awareness, donating to charities that help make a difference, and by using recyclable materials. The quality of our products is also important to us so we ensure Caseco accessories provide the same quality as mass-market brands with a lifetime warranty at a more affordable price point.

Our mission

Our mission is to create better accessories for mobile devices. In a world of material excess, we strive to create products that meld utility and progressive design. In the design and development of our products, we take great care in making sure our impacts on the surrounding environment is minimized as much as possible.