North America's cell phone users purchase over 300 million accessories each day.

Unfortunately, many of these accessories are cheap and disposable.

We offer high-quality accessories and phone cases that are unbeatable in quality, price, and environmental suitability.

We have eliminated single-use plastics and now use recycled paper boxes printed using vegetable-based inks.

Caseco products are made from recyclable materials and contain no animal products. We are leading the way in sharing industry best practices to keep toxic electronic waste from landfills.

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Our Value

We’re passionate about connecting people to better tech accessories with a greater sense of purpose beyond their immediate practical function. Our high-quality products are made better using recyclable materials and ethical manufacturing without the use of child labour.

Our mission

We provide excellent products and service. Our accessories provide the same quality as mass-market brands yet we charge less and offer the best lifetime warranty. We create jobs in Toronto for people facing employment barriers such as language or education, and our products are manufactured without child labour and enviromental awarness.