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2x Anti Blue Light Screen Protector - iPhone 7 / 8

2x Anti-Blue Light Tempered Glass Screen Protector

iPhone 8 / 7
iPhone 8 / 7

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product features
    • Helps prevent digital eye-strain and damage
    • Filters out blue light to improve sleep and mood
    • 9H hardness for scratch protection
    • Oleophobic coating for smudge resistance
    • Touch responsive + maintains color accuracy of your screen
    • Open-edge design compatible with any iPhone 8 / 7 cases
    • 2 iPhone 8 / 7 anti-blue light screen protectors included in the box

Our Promise

product description

  • Easy On The Eyes

    Got dry and tired eyes from staring at a screen the whole day? You’re likely experiencing digital eye strain from continued exposure to blue light which has been shown to cause adverse effects on the internal structures of the eye. If left unchecked, this may even lead to permanent damage. Our anti-blue light screen protector will keep your eyes safe and make using your iPhone 7 / 8 a more pleasurable experience.


    Sleep Soundly

    Continued exposure to blue light at night can alter your circadian rhythm, wreak havoc on your sleep, and put you in a bad mood the next day. Reducing the amount of blue light exposure during these moments is crucial to helping you achieve a deeper more restorative sleep.

    Performance Without Compromise

    Our anti-blue light screen protectors are rated at 9H on the Moh scale of mineral hardness and feature an oleophobic coating that adds a layer of fingerprint smudge resistance. Unlike other products on the market, our screen protectors will retain the color accuracy and vibrancy of your iPhone 7 / 8 while retaining its touch sensitivity.

    What’s In The Box

    Installing Screen Patrol’s anti-blue light screen protector is quick and easy. In the box, you’ll find a dust remover, anti-static cleaning wipe, microfiber cloth, and 2 anti-blue light tempered glass screen protectors.

    Why do you include 2 screen protectors in the box? Well, it’s not to say we aren’t confident in our product. Rather, It’s because we are prudent, and know that life can come at you fast. We think It’s always a good idea to have a backup just in case.

    Packaging Made Better

    We believe in the “Triple Bottom Line” framework of People, Planet and Profit. Our packaging is made using recycled materials, utilizes soy based inks; and a percentage of each sale is donated to charities and environmental causes that we support.

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