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2X Screen Flex Screen Protector

iPhone XR

2x ScreenFlex Screen Protector - iPhone XR

2X Screen Flex Screen Protector

iPhone XR
    • iPhone XR Flexible tempered glass screen protector securely covers the whole screen of your iPhone.
    • Flexible screen protector is Case Friendly.
    • Flexible Glass is anti fingerprint, scratch-resistant and remains tough under any impact.
    • Screen protector retains the touch sensitivity and smoothness.
    • Offeres 2 tempered glass in a single packaging
    • Easy to clean and bubble-free installation.

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  • Screen Protection

    If you don’t really appreciate the added bulk of a glass screen protector and you’re one of the few who don’t want to use the higher priced tempered glass then you’ve come to the right place. Caseco’s screen flex screen protectors securely cover your iPhone XR whole screen. This means protection without sacrificing viewing experience.

    Also,the screen flex screen protector is case friendly. You’ll never have to buy another case just because it couldn’t fit your screen protection.

    Slimmed Down But Still Tough

    At 0.01mm, it will feel like there’s nothing on your iPhone XR screen but itself. Don’t let its slimmed down form fool you. Caseco’s screen protectors are made of flexi-glass which is sort of like glass but not. It offers the same durability as glass but with that bendable and flexible characteristic similar to plastic.

    The oleophic coating on the screen protector ensures that those nasty fingerprint smudges don’t rain on your screen time. It’s also scratch-resistant and tough on any accidental falls. Straigh up screen protection with minimal bulk.

    What’s In The Box?

    Installing Caseco’s screen flex screen protector is quick and easy. You’ll find a dust remover, anti-static cleaning wipe, microfiber cloth and 2 - yes - 2 flexible tempered glass. You’ll get to install it on your iPhone XR screen bubble-free in just 4 easy steps.

    Why a 2-in-1 deal? Well, it’s not to say we aren’t confident. Having that spare is our sweet spot for you. You’ll never know when you’ll need it and it’s always good to have a spare or simply save the second glass as a backup for future use.

    Packaging Made Better

    You’ll be happy to know that Caseco involves all its clients with its ecological drive and humanitarian actions. Every purchase of any Caseco product donates a percentage to charities and environmental organizations that we support. We also actively promote sustainable and responsible packaging by making everything recyclable and NOT single use.

    You pay it forward with each product you patronize from Caseco.

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