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Ipad And Tablet Cup Holder Car or Truck Mount

Tablet & iPad Holder

All Phone Models
All Phone Models

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product features
    • The Car Cup Holder provides a safe and simple way to mount the Tablet/iPad
    • The Cup Mount can be rotated 360 degrees allowing a wide range of motion
    • Protects the device from sudden braking, going over a speed bump, or driving on a rugged mountain road
    • Compatible with the All iPads, All Tabs, and other devices up to 10 inches wide

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product description

  • Tablet or iPad Car Mount

    The Car Cupholder provides a safe and simple way to mount your Tablet/iPad for a car trip. This cradle fits securely in your car's cup holder and safely positions your compatible Tablet/iPad within view. No suction cup or adhesive required. The mount's base expands to fit any size cup holder, so you can use in any vehicle and move the Car Cup Holder between vehicles.

    360 Degree Accessibility

    The Cup Mount can be rotated 360 degrees so you can position your Tablet/iPad in either portrait or landscape mode. Portrait mode is ideal for charging, listening to music, and hands-free phone calls, while the landscape view makes using your favorite navigation apps easier. You can also tilt the mount 90 degrees so your Tablet/iPad lies flat, keeping it out of the way of your car's controls. 


    The Car Cup Mount is compatible with the All iPads, All Tabs, and other Tablet/iPad devices up to 10 inches wide.

    Base Specifications

    The base has a height of 162mm (6.4 Inch) and a minimum width of 6mm (2.4 Inch) when the projections are inside the holder. The base width is adjustable to a maximum of 84mm (3.3 Inch) to perfectly fit in cup holders of the any car.


    Mount Specifications

    The mount of the iPad/Tablet cup holder measures a minimum length of 120mm (4.7 Inch) and width of 57mm (2.2 Inch) at the top and 78mm (3 Inch) at the bottom.

    The mount is designed to extend at the base to a maximum width of 122 mm (4.8 Inch) and the length to a maximum of 190mm (7.5 Inch). Furthermore it has a 50mm (2 Inch) extendable top for additional coverage to hold any iPad or Tab of 10 inch width.

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