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2x Tablet Screen Patrol Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Samsung Tab E 9.6 inch

Screen Protector Samsung Tab E 9.6 Inch Tempered Glass Screen Protector | Caseco

2x Tablet Screen Patrol Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Samsung Tab E 9.6 inch
    • Screen Patrol Tempered glass protector is specifically designed for the Samsung Tab E 9.6 Inches : Model (SM-T560, SM-T561)
    • Tempered Glass Screen Protector offers 9H screen hardness Glass.
    • Screen Patrol's top layer takes scratch-resistance to a new level. 
    • Touch-responsiveness guarantee hassle-free access and no delay.
    • Extreme clarity preserves the original screen brightness.
    • The oleophobic coating keeps fingerprints off your screen by repelling any and all oils. 
    • Compatible with Samsung Tab E 9.6 Inches Case [Case-friendly]

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  • Your Phone’s Perfect Protection Partner

    Now that you’ve bought a brand new Samsung Tab E 9.6 Inch, wouldn’t it be a waste if you scratched, or worse, cracked your screen pretty soon after? Worrying about smashing your phone’s screen can be annoying. Avoid worrying about your phone’s screen with your Caseco’s Screen Patrol Screen Protector.

    It provides edge to edge protection coverage for your Samsung Tab E 9.6 Inch screen while maintaining that crisp and clear viewing experience. We’ll make sure your phone’s screen looks great and stays that way wherever you take it.

    Ultimate Screen Protection

    The tempered glass offers utra hard 9H protection from those unwanted scratches, scrapes and even those accidental drops. It's 0.33mm ultra thin and crystal clear. It’ll show off your UHD screen, maintain color accuracy, definition and touch sensitivity while being barely noticeable to the touch.

    You’ll rarely have to wipe the screen to enjoy the perfect viewing experience since it’s fingerprint and smudge resistant. The open edge design means you get full screen protection and compatibility with any phone case.

    What’s In The Box?

    Installing Caseco’s screen patrol screen protector is quick and easy. You’ll find a dust remover, anti-static cleaning wipe, microfiber cloth and 2 - yes - 2 tempered glass. You’ll get to install it on your Samsung Tab E 9.6 Inch screen bubble-free in just 4 easy steps.

    Why does Caseco have this 2-in-1 deal in place? Well, it’s not to say we aren’t confident. It’s just because we’re prudent. Having that spare is our sweet spot for you. You’ll never know when you’ll need it and it’s always good to have a spare or simply save the second glass as a backup for future use.

    Packaging Made Better

    You’ll be happy to know that Caseco involves all its clients with its ecological drive and humanitarian actions. Every purchase of any Caseco product donates a percentage to charities and environmental organizations that we support. We also actively promote sustainable and responsible packaging by making everything recyclable and NOT single use.

    You pay it forward with each product you patronize from Caseco.

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