Screen Patrol - Tempered Glass - LG Q60

Screen Patrol - Tempered Glass - LG Q60 - Apple Iphone 6S & 6 Impact Resistant Tempered Glass
Screen Patrol - Tempered Glass - LG Q60 - Screen Patrol - Tempered Glass - LG Q60
Screen Patrol - Tempered Glass - LG Q60 - Screen Patrol - Tempered Glass - LG Q60
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Screen Patrol - Tempered Glass - LG Q60

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  • Screen Patrol Tempered Glass (only for a flat surface) This glass is created to solve the problem for heavy duty cases like Otterbox, UAG or other not curved glass friendly cases. This is not an edge to edge glass, it is a flat surface tempered glass to cover the flat surface of your A8 2018. The reason we created this is that we received feedback for flat surfaced glass that can be used with tough cases.

    Tempered Glass
    Screen Patrol is so tough that it will remain intact under all but the hardest impacts. And if the screen protector should ever break due to a very hard impact, your A8's screen will be perfectly intact underneath the spent screen protector.

    9H Hardness
    Screen Patrol's top layer takes scratch-resistance to a new level. With a 9H hardness rating, Screen Patrol cannot be scratched by knives, let alone your house keys.

    Bubble-free installation
    Since tempered glass is not very flexible, bubbles are almost impossible when installing screen patrol. Watch the air pockets get pushed out to the side as you install the glass!

    Responsive Screen
    Screen Patrol maintains your original native touch experience with a barely-there thickness of 0.33 mm. Plus, this also means you can see your screen like it was meant to be seen.

    No More Fingerprints
    The oleophobic coating keeps fingerprints off your screen by repelling any and all oils. Cleaning your screen just got way easier.

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