Sports Kit - Bluetooth Headband & Armband - Pink

Sports Kit - Bluetooth Headband & Armband - Pink - Sports Kit - Bluetooth Headband & Armband - Pink
Sports Kit - Bluetooth Headband & Armband - Pink - Sports Kit - Bluetooth Headband & Armband - Pink
Sports Kit - Bluetooth Headband & Armband - Pink - Sports Kit - Bluetooth Headband & Armband - Pink

Sports Kit - Bluetooth Headband & Armband - Pink

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Are you going for an exercise such as yoga, training, running, workout, racing,jogging, dog walking, basketball, tennis, and football, and you are contemplating how you will listen to quality audios while walking out? Then theCaseco sports kit - Bluetooth headband & armbandis all you need to get you going. This Bluetooth headband and armband is a perfect choice for your sporting activities. The product absorbs sweat quickly and has a creative ear warmer with wireless Bluetooth speaker.
Headband Features & Specifications:
Fast and easy wireless Bluetooth pairing with your iPhones, iPad,android  smartphone, tablet, etc.
Good stereo sound quality
Durable battery life, supporting USB charging
Headset with microphone, small control panel handling Siri, calls, turn on/off, volume,etc.,
Hands free and wires free
Machine Washable with the removable Bluetooth module
60 Hours of standby, 5 hours of Playtime & 2 Hours charging
Embedded Stereo Speakers snugly fit on both ears
Soft Moisture-wicking stretchy Fabric 
The product is perfect for all Bluetooth enabled devices. The quality and the unique features will provide you with an exciting sporting experience.
Armband Features:
Utility In Action

“Run Free” with the Runfree Armband. No more worrying about where to put your phone, where to put your house key, or where to put your debit card when you go out for a run. Runfree is your new running buddy.
Four-corner Coverage
Every phone has the headphone port in a different place. With a hole in each corner, you don’t have to worry about it. Just use the nearest hole for your headphones, and away you go!
Clear Front for Protection
We’ve given you a serious window for your serious touchscreen. If you need to respond to your messages, you can use your touchscreen through the clear front. No muss, no fuss.
Earphone Cord Holder
Your earphone/headphone cable doesn’t need to wiggle and waggle this way and that way, just tuck it in underneath the velcro strap. Presto.
Safety First
Your safety means a lot to us, and we made sure you would be safe with Run free. Without being distracted by your phone in your hand, you are free to focus on the ground beneath your feet. Plus, your phone is safe too. You’ll never have to worry again about your phone taking a skydive out of your hand or your pocket. Run free!

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