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June 04, 2019 2 min read

Apple Protective Cases

We believe that strength doesn’t have to compromise beauty. This is why our wide selection of Apple protective cases will offer you incredible protection for your phone, while still being striking and stylish.

Apple Protective Cases

We’ve all had experiences when a fumble meant that your iPhone was suddenly plummeting to the concrete. That sinking feeling in your guts as you pick it up only to reveal a splintered screen that is going to cost you big bucks (not to mention the inconvenience) to replace.

However, not many people want to take a sleek piece of technology like an iPhone and strap a bulky case to it.

Lucky for you, Caseco's wide assortments of iPhone cases are as tough as they are low-profile. Take our Holographic Fremont Marble cases, for example. These stunning cases will stop people in their tracks as they watch the marbled back of your phone case shimmer and seemingly move as the holographic design gleams in the shifting light. However, beauty isn’t just skin deep on these cases. The Holographic Fremont Marble cases have an edge-to-edge design that provides 360-degree protection for your phone, with raised beveled guards that will stop your phone’s delicate screen from getting scratched when lying flat.

Are you worried about a drop? Don’t be. These cases are military grade drop tests up to 2.4 meters, which means your phone will look stylish and stay in perfect condition.

Looking for something more low-key? Our Rugged Grip Armor cases come in Gunmetal, Black, and Rose Gold and offer two layers of protection: a soft inner shell that absorbs shock, coupled with a hard, outer shell that is military grade drop tested.

Not 100% satisfied with your case? We offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee on all our cases, so you can rest assured knowing your phone and your wallet are protected when you’re shopping with Caseco. 

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