Above all else, Caseco is rooted in humanity.

We are a proud Canadian brand passionate about connecting people to better tech accessories with a greater sense of purpose beyond their immediate practical function.

Our high quality products are made better using recyclable materials and ethical manufacturing without the use of child labour.

They are packaged in waste free minimalist boxes printed with plant based inks. Our prices and warranty compete with leading brands.

We can all sleep better knowing every purchase helps people and the planet through our commitment to donating to social and environmental causes.

Every Purchase Helps People and The Planet’s E-Waste Epidemic

Our accessories are not only chic, but they are also helping to improve the world. Every purchase helps keep single-use plastics out of the oceans, and e-waste out of the soil while funding charities that are making life better for underprivileged people and improving the environment.

Social Responsibility

We donate 1% of sales to the Plastic Oceans charity whose aim is to get rid of plastic waste from our waterways while preventing any more from being added.

Environmental Responsibility

We believe that everyone has a responsibility towards protecting the environment. In our efforts to do so we have partnered up with 1% For the Planet as part of a global movement to find environmentally friendly solutions to modern issues.

Our Value

Here at Caseco we care about quality. We improve the quality of life by creating jobs in North America for people facing employment barriers such as language or education and our products are manufactured without the use of child labour. We help to improve the environment by raising environmental awareness, donating to charities that help make a difference, and by using recyclable materials. The quality of our products is also important to us so we ensure Caseco accessories provide the same quality as mass-market brands with a lifetime warranty at a more affordable price point.


Our mission is to create better accessories for mobile devices. In a world of material excess, we strive to create products that meld utility and progressive design. In the design and development of our products, we take great care in making sure our impacts on the surrounding environment is minimized as much as possible.