About Us

Above all else, Caseco is rooted in humanity.

We're more than just a brand. We're a group of individuals who've grasped at the opportunity to make a difference in the unlikeliest of places.

Caseco was born nearly 20 years ago with the idea of selling durable phone cases and accessories at an affordable price. Those principles remain, though we've added a couple—to use our leverage to keep the planet and its people in check.

That's why we donate 2% of every purchase to socially and environmentally responsible charities.

We make high-quality products, without the negative environmental footprint to go along.

We package slim, using minimal, plant-based materials to keep your precious delivery secure.

We avoid inhumane production practices at all costs—that means animals and children are safe with us.

All the while, our prices and warranties best those of leading brands.

At the end of the day, we sleep soundly knowing we're making a difference. As a customer, you can too.