The iPhone 12 has been making waves since its launch in October last year. With it’s clean and simple design language and top-notch specs, it’s a very capable phone that can grab anyone’s attention. Of course, getting your hands on cutting-edge tech is going to cost a lot. If you’re really set on buying one, then you’re going to have to invest in a phone case. That’s why we rounded up the best iPhone 12 Phone Cases.

Should You Get The iPhone 12 Now?
If you’re still undecided as to whether to get one, then you might as well hold it off for a bit longer. That’s because the new iPhone 13 is set to be revealed next month. As to the exact launch date, we’re all still in the dark. But if it does get announced in mid September, it should be released before the end of that month. By that time, you can also expect a price drop for the iPhone 12.
Here at Caseco, you can find protective and eco-friendly phone cases that don’t compromise on style. Because whatever iPhone you end up with, discounted or not, you’re going to have to protect it with only the best. And who wants to be seen having a flagship phone with a dull case?

Wait. What About MagSafe?
At this time, MagSafe needs no introduction. But if you’re still one of the uninitiated, it’s a new technology that uses magnets and sensors to unlock power ups in your iPhone 12. Smart display, check. 15 watt fast wireless charging speeds, double check. That said, you’ll need a MagSafe charger compatible case in order to make full use of these functions. Otherwise, you just get a blank screen and standard 7.5 watt wireless charging. Before we get into the juicy part, Let’s look at some MagSafe cases.

MagSafe Phone Cases For Protection And Style
These best protective cases were designed with protection and style in mind. The iPhone 12 has a refreshing new design that past iterations can’t compare to. It would be a shame to cover it up with a generic phone case. Our MagSafe iPhone 12 Clear Phone Cases lets you flaunt that gorgeous phone while providing ultimate drop protection. Dual-layer air-gap bumpers give your phone 10ft drop protection while raised bezels, front and back, take care of its screen and cameras. Needless to say, they’re MagSafe compatible. Now you don’t have to worry about drops or struggling to connect that MagSafe charger.

A Dash Of Sugar And A Pinch Of Spice To Make It Nicer
That ring of magnets that adorn clear MagSafe cases might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But if you’re going to cover up your phone, you better make sure that you put on a case that makes it look better. So why not slap on one of our Custom Magsafe iPhone Cases for protection and style. These eco-friendly phone cases feature amazing artworks by notable North American artists. Made in Canada using recyclable materials, these MagSafe Artist Series cases offer the same protection and reliability as our MagSafe Clear Case. With over 40 designs to choose from, pick one that best suits your personality. Whatever you go with, your phone will definitely be the center of everyone’s attention.

Leather Wallet Cases Your Phone And The Planet Will Love
Now let’s dig into the meat of the topic. Leather phone cases look great and are generally durable. However, they have a dark past that people don’t know about. The industry they come from produces a lot of waste and pollution. That’s why vegan leather is a better alternative as production takes up less resources and can be recycled.
The best protective phone cases should give you convenience and style without the guilt. Our vegan wallet cases protect your phone and the environment, and let you carry your essentials. These are just a few great examples.

The Return Of MagSafe
If you’re a loyal Apple user for some time, then this may not be the first time you’ve heard of MagSafe. It first came out as a safety feature for MacBooks in 2006 but has been discontinued. The new MagSafe technology, as we have mentioned before, gives you convenience. No need to fiddle around with cables. Wireless charging is a snap - quite literally. The magnets align the charging puck for easy connection.
Now imagine taking that convenience and taking it a step further. With our MagSafe Park Ave Wallet Phone Case for iPhone 12, you can pop off the charging puck and stick the phone onto a matching vegan leather wallet. The wallet folio lets you carry up to 3 cards and some cash. With the tag-team of the phone case and wallet, your phone is protected by an impenetrable fortress. Did we mention that it comes in a trendy design derived from high-fashion? Keep your phone protected in style.

Big On Pro-tection
If you want more card storage, a cute purple Wallet Phone Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max is what you need. You get up to 6 card slots with this baby, to match the Pro Max’s size. You still get a detachable magnetic Apple iPhone 12 case but no MagSafe compatibility. You can still wirelessly charge although at the standard 7.5 watts. With more cards in tow, RFID and EMF protection is a must. That’s why it’s standard across our iPhone 12 wallet cases.

Color It Red
With the standard iPhone 12 as well as the mini, you have the option to choose the (Product)Red color, just like in the iPhone 11. And I must say it looks good on the phones. If you absolutely love the color, you can get a leather wallet folio to match it. Even if you have the older model, our Broadway Red Magnetic Phone Case for iPhone 11 continues the red color theme and is also available for the 12.

The best protective phone cases shouldn’t only protect your phone. It should also offer convenience and data protection. What’s more important is that they do so in style. They should also be able to keep up with the times to incorporate current technology and look further by reducing their environmental impact. Want to learn more about our products and advocacies? Visit our website.
Looking for the most protective iPhone 13 case made of leather? Browse through our collection at Caseco. You’ll be stunned by the great designs to complement your device, apart from protecting it from accidental drops. We use vegan leather in our cases. As our motto, we follow cruelty-free products.