Caseco Braided Micro USB Cable - 2 Meter - Black

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Premium charging and syncing cable, micro USB to USB. 2 meters (about 6 feet). Available in latest colors to match your device.

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Charge and sync your Android and Samsung devices with Caseco’s 2 m USB Micro USB Cable. Our 2-meter premium micro usb charge cables have been completely rethought—from the materials to the connectors. Now made with the highest quality components for a higher conductivity, longer life, and superior signal transfer.

Both ends of this certified micro USB cable are encased in aluminum; longer life aluminum connectors are made from aircraft-grade materials to proctect your cable under stress and wear.This minimizes electromagnetic interference and ensures durability.

This will allow you to keep your Android devices charged with a better and stronger cable. Keep your gadgets connected by using the cable with Caseco’s Pulse wall charger for an even faster charge. A handy hassle-free strap cable organizer is also included to keep your cable neat, tidy and untangled, perfect for traveling or even putting it in your purse.


Caseco Braided Lightning Cable - 2 Meter


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    Caseco Braided Micro USB Cable - 2 Meter - Black
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