iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases and Covers

Do you have an iPhone 11 Pro Max? If you have been hunting for iPhone 11 Pro Max cases that suit your taste and lifestyle, you’ve come to the right page because we have a good collection of these cases for you to choose from. Our iPhone 11 Pro Max cases feature: Recyclable materials. Waste-free. 100% animal-cruelty free. We use plant-based sources. Environmentally-friendly.

Our products have been tested under the Military Drop standards to ensure the protection of your phone. It is fitted with durable outer shell covering that can protect your mobile device from sudden and high impact, while its inner shell absorbs shock. Our iPhone 11 Pro Max cases are made from slip-resistant materials for easy grip and drop protection. It has a slim design to make it easy for you to hold it without the bulkiness. We also provide plastic-free packaging and use 100% recycled paper boxes. By doing this, we ensure that there is less carbon footprint that can help save our environment. Aside from that, there are more reasons to use our iPhone 11 Pro Max cases because we donate 2% of our sales to Save the Children charity.