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iPhone X / XS Tempered Glass

Keep your screen scratch-free and safe for your eyes with any of our iPhone X / XS tempered glass screen protector options. This product is designed to protect both your iPhone X / XS and your eyes from lasting damage, so you can enjoy browsing and gaming for prolonged hours without worries. It’s durable and has the right thickness to maintain touch sensitivity. Plus, it has antimicrobial features to keep your iPhone X / XS germ-free all the time.


Protect your smartphone screen with Screen Patrol. You can now forget about scratches, fingerprints, or breaking your screen after accidentally dropping your phone.

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Your iPhone deserves the best care and protection. We present Screenflex Tempered Glass Screen Protector with touch sensitivity screen. It is impact resistant and scratch proof.

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iPhone XS & X

Apple iPhone XS / X Flexible Tempered Glass Screen Protector

iPhone XS & X



Privacy Glass

Privacy tempered glass protects the screen of your iPhone providing an edge to edge coverage and help maintain the transparency of the glass without touch sensitivity problem.

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iPhone XS & X

Anti-Blue Light Tempered Glass

Anti Blue Light Tempered Glass protects your eyes and iPhone screen. Tempered Glass protects your eyes and sleep, but still allows non-harmful light through the full color crystal clear screen.

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iPhone XS & X